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David Goodwillie: Clyde loan striker from Raith Rovers

Striker David Goodwillie returns to League One Clyde on loan after controversial move to Raith Rovers; Scottish MP John Mason considering quitting as one of 400 owners of the club

David Goodwillie joined Raith Rovers from League Two side Clyde
Image: David Goodwillie has rejoined Clyde after his controversial move to Raith Rovers

David Goodwillie has rejoined Scottish League One club Clyde on loan until the end of the season, sparking widespread criticism from inside and outside the club.

It follows the former Scotland international's controversial move to Raith Rovers, who were also widely criticised for signing the striker.

Goodwillie was ruled to be a rapist in a civil case in 2017, six years after being initially charged.

No criminal proceedings were instructed against the 32-year-old but he was ordered to pay £100,000 in damages by a judge after it was ruled he raped a woman in a flat in West Lothian in 2011.

In a statement, Clyde added: "This enables David to return to first-team activities including training and playing and, in doing so, continue his career in football at the current time."

But the move has resulted in disapproval from even inside Clyde, with Scottish MP John Mason - one of 400 owners at the fan-owned club - now considering his position on the board after Goodwillie's return to the club was confirmed.

This is Goodwillie's second stint at Clyde since he was ruled to be a rapist five years ago, with Mason boycotting matches for a brief stint in 2017 before returning to the terraces later that year.

Now, the Scottish Member of Parliament is considering his position within the club's structure, even though he claims the majority of Clyde fans are happy to see Goodwillie back at the club.

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Raith Rovers fan Martin Glass - who set up a fundraising page for Rape Crisis Scotland following Goodwillie's signing - says the club's apology is too late and thinks the full board must resign

"I was incredibly disappointed, to say the very least, and frankly yesterday I was quite angry about the whole thing," Mason told Sky Sports News on Wednesday.

"I wasn't entirely surprised as the fans were singing for his return but to do the same thing twice is somehow worse. I didn't agree with it first time round but to make the same mistake again is really inexcusable I think.

"I would reconsider whether I continue as one of the owners. I will not be going back to a game this season, but I am considering what else I might do. But I do accept we are a fan-owned club and the majority of fans at Raith and ourselves are happy to have Goodwillie."

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Raith Rovers manager John McGlynn apologises for the signing of Goodwillie, saying they were wrong to prioritise football and winning promotion

Rovers described Goodwillie as 'part of the club' after his January arrival but following a backlash from club sponsor Val McDermid, fans, Rape Crisis Scotland and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Raith said he would not play for the club.

Two directors resigned from the Scottish Championship club while the women's team severed ties with the club and renamed themselves as McDermid Ladies.

Following an apology from the club's chairman, manager John McGlynn admitted the club made an "enormous mistake" in thinking only about football when signing Goodwillie.

In a statement following Goodwillie's exit, Rovers said: "The club can confirm that we have agreed terms with Clyde FC for a loan arrangement for David Goodwillie until the end of the current season.

"We would like to thank Clyde FC for their cooperation."

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