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Life Lessons Through Sport: Ian Poulter on importance of positivity

Life Lessons Through Sport is available now on Sky Sports On Demand; Ian Poulter episode on this Wednesday at 7.30pm on Sky Sports Mix and 8pm on Sky Sports Golf

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This new series examines the mental strains that top level athletes go through and how their experiences can instruct anybody and everybody. All episodes available On Demand

Ian Poulter shares his love for the Ryder Cup and the importance of having a positive attitude in a special episode of Sky Sports' Life Lessons Through Sport.

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The six-time Ryder Cup player sat down for an extended interview with Sarah Stirk to discuss the challenges he has overcome through his career and how he has used his 'never say die' attitude to establish himself as one of the most recognisable players in world golf.

Poulter's working life in golf began as an assistant pro in a club shop before he embarked on a professional career that has lasted nearly 25 years, with the 44-year-old fully focused from his teenage years to make a success of himself within the sport.

Ian Poulter
Image: Poulter remains a regular on the PGA Tour

"Unless you are clear in your mind and in a position to think clearly and know where you want to go, with confidence, then you're never going to be able to achieve it," Poulter told Sky Sports.

"I think mindset is very important. There are a lot of people that want it, but there aren't as many people who truly believe that they have the ability and that's half the battle right there.

Ian Poulter
Image: Ian Poulter has finished on the winning side in five of his six Ryder Cup appearances

"I never put doubt in myself and that's single-handedly one of the most important things in whatever it is you're going to do. Whatever you want to follow as your passion, it's about having the right mental attitude, having the right focus, following your dream and never wavering from it."

The 12-time European Tour winner reveals how he has dealt with balancing his career with fatherhood and how he reacted to his clothing company closing down, plus explains how he deals with taking positives from a sport where you lose more events than you win.

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Image: Poulter's last worldwide victory came at the 2018 Houston Open

"I wasn't the most talented player as a kid," Poulter added. "Whenever I look back at the old footage, I didn't swing it very well and I didn't strike it pretty well, but I managed to score pretty well.

"When you look at how many years I've been in and around the world's top 50, it makes me pretty hard to shrug off. I've been stubborn in a way and it's just the want and the desire and the passion and the drive to always want to succeed.

Image: Poulter and Tommy Fleetwood were part of Europe's winning Ryder Cup team in 2018

"It's probably very true in all walks of life and business. You don't have to walk out of college with a Masters degree to be successful in business."

Life Lessons Through Sport is a new series which is the brainchild of golf presenter Sarah Stirk. She speaks to top athletes to see what lessons we, as viewers, can learn from their experiences and bring to our own lives.

The Ian Poulter episode is available now via Sky Sports On Demand, with the show being show on Wednesday from 7.30pm on Sky Sports Mix and 8pm on Sky Sports Golf.

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