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'The Shiny Shrimps' trailer: Sports movie set to make splash in September

They're a water polo team that's more into misbehaving than medals - watch the trailer for new movie 'The Shiny Shrimps'

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'The Shiny Shrimps' prefer partying to serious water polo practice - will they ever get their game together? Watch the trailer for the new movie, out September 6

When it comes to sports teams, it's usually the unlikeliest underdog stories that translate best to the big screen.

From the misfits of 'The Mighty Ducks' to baseball's 'Bad News Bears' and the bobsledders of 'Cool Runnings', the movies have given us many heroes who weren't world-beaters but were still winning at life.

Stepping onto that same podium this year are 'The Shiny Shrimps' - the subjects of a riotous new comedy that hits UK cinemas on September 6.

'The Shiny Shrimps' movie poster
Image: 'The Shiny Shrimps' has been a big hit on the film festival circuit this summer

The Shrimps are a real-life LGBT water-polo team from Paris, and their adventures as seen in the film are a blend of fact, fantasy and flamboyance - think 'Dodgeball' meets 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'.

When world champion swimmer Matthias Le Goff (Nicolas Gob) uses a homophobic insult on TV, his governing body hands him an unusual form of community service as 'punishment' - he's told to train the Shrimps in their bid to qualify for the Gay Games in Croatia.

'The Shiny Shrimps' movie still
Image: Swimming champion Matthias (Nicolas Gob, left) faces a tough task to motivate the Shrimps

"Matthias is completely out of his comfort zone," says Gob. "I'm playing a character who discovers a new way of looking at life, at the same time as the audience."

The Shrimps are more interested in partying than participation, but despite the culture clash between the coach and his charges, a fragile trust is built. Will their bond survive the rigours of an epic road trip? Or will the mayhem prove too much for Le Goff to handle?

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The Shiny Shrimps water polo
Image: Water polo takes its turn in the sports movie spotlight, and the film also includes scenes shot at last year's actual Gay Games in Paris

Co-director / author Cedric Le Gallo has played and competed with the Shrimps, and knew the team's exuberant philosophy deserved to be seen and heard beyond just those who have watched them from poolside.

Le Gallo says: "Whether our audience members are gay, straight, male, female, whatever, I'd like to hear people say they'd love to jump on board the bus and head off on holiday with the Shrimps."

Watch the trailer for 'The Shiny Shrimps' above. The movie is released into UK cinemas on September 6.