Repeat win for Chisora

Image: Chisora: finishes it off

Derek Chisora added the Commonwealth belt to his British title by stopping Sam Sexton again.

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Del of a victory

Derek Chisora proved he is a worthy holder of the British heavyweight title by stopping Sam Sexton in an impressive performance at the LG Arena in Birmingham. Chisora had drawn criticism in the past for some unprofessional antics in the ring, but he was all business on the Magnificent Seven Sky Box Office event. The ninth-round knockout of Sexton will definitely get the attention of his domestic rivals. He dicated the pace from the opening bell working the body of his opponent with fast hooks. The Finchley fighter looked lighter on his feet and moved in and out of range as Sexton tried to work his jab. By round three Chisora was growing in confidence and even exhibited a classy shoulder roll as he frustrated Sexton with quicker hands and better accuracy. Sexton needed to get a round in the bag and he did so in the fourth as a left hook had his man backpeddling. The Norwich fighter took the centre of the ring and slowed the action down.


It earnt Del Boy a telling off from his trainer Don Charles in the corner but he was soon back in charge taking the sixth in fine style. That was the round he stopped Sexton last time they met in 2008 and he wasn't far off repeating the feat, landing right hands at will. Chisora seemed to take a round off in the eighth as he allowed Sexton to get back behind his jab, but he never really hurt the British champion with shots that were more cautionary than concussive. Neither fighter had gone as far as nine rounds previously and with both tiring it seemed that if either upped their workrate they could make a breakthrough. Predictably it was Chisora who took the initiative, digging in the combinations and forcing Sexton backwards. Suddenly the Commonwealth champion looked on wobbly legs and Chisora wasn't slow to notice storming forwards and unleashing hooks with both hands. Sexton could not get out of punching range and he sagged onto the ropes as Chisora landed a flurry of shots. Referee Howard Foster had little choice but to rescue a fighter not defending himself and Chisora had the best win of his career. This victory will surely elevate him to European level and 'this time next year' Del Boy could be on the brink of a world-title challenge.

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