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Sunil Narine banned from bowling his off-spinner in IPL

Image: Sunil Narine: One of 'mystery spinner's' deliveries banned

West Indies 'mystery spinner' Sunil Narine has been banned from bowling his off-spin delivery at the Indian Premier League.

Narine was reported by match officials for a suspected illegal bowling action while he was playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders against Sunrisers Hyderabad on April 22.

A statement from the IPL read: "Pursuant to this report, Mr Narine visited the Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy and Sports Sciences Centre (SRASSC) in Chennai for a biomechanical analysis of his bowling action.

"The BCCI Suspect Bowling Action Committee‎ has reviewed the evidence of the match footage and the analysis provided by SRASSC.

Following the provisions of the IPL Suspected Illegal Bowling Action Policy, the committee has concluded that Mr. Narine’s bowling action for his off-spinner, contravenes Law 24.2 (as read with Law 24.3) of the Laws of Cricket.

"Therefore the player is now banned from bowling the off-spinner in matches organised by the BCCI, including the IPL. He may however continue to bowl his other deliveries (the knuckle ball and the quicker straight ball).

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"If Mr. Narine were to again bowl the off-spinner in this season’s IPL, the on-field umpires would apply Law 24.2 and call “No ball” and, at the end of the match, would issue a further report. Pursuant to clause 3.4 of the IPL Suspected Illegal Bowling Action Policy, the player would in such circumstances automatically be suspended from bowling in BCCI-organised matches.

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"Mr Narine may undergo a course of bowling rehabilitation and take corrective measures to ensure that his action does not contravene Law 24 and may then request a further Official Assessment by the committee."

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