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Formula 1 'on track' to be net zero carbon by 2030 after revealing 13 per cent emissions reduction in impact report

Formula 1 has revealed a 13 per cent reduction in carbon emissions from 2018 to 2022; F1 said in the sport's first ever impact report that they are "on track" to be net zero carbon by 2030; also announced were huge increases in female participation in karting at grassroots level

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Formula 1 and Sky Sports have a shared pledge to be net zero carbon by 2030.

Formula 1 says it is "on track" to achieve being net zero carbon by 2030, after announcing a 13 per cent reduction from 2018 to 2022.

The sport set the target in 2018, in accordance with science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of a minimum 50 per cent emissions reduction.

Despite an increase from 21 to 23 races when comparing the 2018 and 2022 seasons, F1 has worked with its teams, race promoters, logistic service providers and key suppliers to move towards its 2030 target.

Releasing a first ever impact report on Tuesday, Formula 1 said its 2018 carbon footprint of 256,551 tCO2e was down 13 per cent to 223,031 tCO2e in 2022, leaving 37 per cent of reductions to be made by 2030 for the net zero goal to be met.

Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali said: "Sustainability is one of the most important factors to us, not only as a sport, but as a business. It is no longer enough for us to simply deliver great action and wheel-to-wheel racing on the track, we need to ensure that we are doing so in a sustainable way so our sport can thrive long into the future.

"F1 has been innovating and influencing wider society for over 70 years, and we've seen how the great minds and technology of the sport have had a positive impact in many different spaces, and now we have turned that expertise and insight to sustainability.

"We are a global sport with over 700 million fans around the world, which gives us a great platform to create change and influence those watching and engaging with F1 to act and leave their own positive legacy. Over the past four years, we have made significant progress, and we remain very focused on our goals and I'm excited to see the impact we can have."

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Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg joins David Garrido to discuss how he got into sustainability, F1's net zero carbon aim, what motorsport might look like in 2030 and how electrification is the future.

F1 said it had moved all of its offices to renewable electricity, implemented travel policies to reduce the number of staff travelling to events, and reduced the amount of freight sent around the world through increased use of remote operations.

With the 13 per cent reduction from 2022, F1 is confident work done during the 2023 season will ensure continued progress despite an increase to 24 races for the 2024 season.

Investment continues to be made into the use of alternative fuels across all parts of the operation, including the use of 100 per cent sustainable fuels for F1 cars from 2026 onwards.

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Ted Kravitz discusses the sustainable fuel that is coming to F1 in 2026.

In 2023 a new fleet of DHL biofuel-powered trucks reduced logistics-related carbon emissions by an average of 83 per cent during the European season.

Meanwhile, ranging from trial activations to the entire event, more than 75 per cent of promoters powered aspects of their events using renewable energy sources - compared to 50 per cent in 2022.

Sky Sports shares with Formula 1 a 2030 net zero carbon goal and continues to work alongside the sport to achieve its aims.

265 per cent increase in female karting participation revealed

The impact report also provided an update on F1's attempts to create a more diverse and inclusive sport, revealing major progress in female karting participation in the UK.

After beginning its inaugural season in 2023, the all-female F1 Academy series launched a programme to encourage female participation in motorsport.

Its first initiative, launched in partnership with Motorsport UK, has contributed to a 265 per cent increase in female participants aged 11-16 qualifying for the British Indoor Karting Championships.

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Discover Your Drive is the initiative that is introducing young girls into F1!

The report also announced that Formula One Management's gender pay gap has fallen by more than 30 per cent since 2018 to 20.7 per cent.

F1 head of environment, social and governance, Ellen Jones, said: "Sport can ignite passion and shine a light on the world around us. At Formula 1, we take this privilege seriously and are committed to continually improving our operations whilst also showcasing technologies of the future.

"To achieve this, we are integrating sustainability across all departments within Formula 1 as well as with key stakeholders across our sport. Our aim is to empower the wider Formula 1 community to do what it does best in finding solutions at pace.

"Teamwork is a key element of success within F1 and the response we've seen from our people reflects that there is desire from every corner of the business to be a part of the change."

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