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Mick Schumacher discusses Lewis Hamilton and father's F1 records

"One sentence my dad always used to say was records are there to be broken," says Mick Schumacher as Hamilton targets 91st F1 win

Mick Schumacher says his father's Formula 1 records are "there to be broken" and - while outlining his own big racing aims - has praised the "very influential" Lewis Hamilton on a potentially milestone weekend.

Mick is the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, whose famed total of 91 F1 victories could be equalled by Hamilton at this weekend's Russian GP.

As he looks to build on his title lead in F2, F1's feeder series, Mick has discussed Hamilton and a record that seemed unassailable not long ago.

"One sentence my dad always used to say was records are there to be broken," said the 21-year-old.

"It's everybody's aim in the sport to do that. I think Lewis had a very, very good run - he had a very consecutive and positive run."

Image: Lewis Hamilton speaks to Michael Schumacher during build-up for the 2012 Monaco GP

Schumacher is already following in his father's footsteps as a member of the Ferrari Junior Academy, and is a strong contender for a seat on the F1 2021 grid thanks to an impressive championship-contending campaign in F2.

As he spoke about Hamilton's achievements, he also set out his own record targets in F1.

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"Records are there to be broken and obviously from our side, I think we see it on a good side, too," added Schumacher. "It's good for the sport. He's been very influential in this sport too.

"The next aim would be then I guess for me, if I do make the step [to F1], to break that."

Hamilton's tribute to father Anthony as he nears record

When asked about the record leading up to the weekend, Hamilton said he didn't know how he would feel as there are "bigger issues happening in the world".

But speaking to Sky F1, Hamilton opened up on his "crazy" success with Mercedes...

"It's been the best eight years of my life but there was still a lot of success before that with McLaren and that was a great period of my life also - a lot of learning, a lot of success together, which was awesome."

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Hamilton wants to continue to inspire change after being named in Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2020 - while he has also praised his father Anthony

... before admitting he was already thinking about speaking to his "inspirational" father Anthony, who oversaw Lewis' karting days and early F1 career.

"We talk a lot. me and my dad and we always reminisce about the past - remember when this happened, when that happened, and look where we are today," Hamilton told David Croft.

"These are real beautiful moments to have with someone whose sacrificed so much, as parents do, pretty much their whole lives for their kids to give them a better opportunity.

"Roles are reversed now, my dad was telling me I could do anything and now I'm telling him, 'you're amazing, there's so much you can do, you're still so young and there's so much you can do moving forwards, an inspiration to so many parents out there'".

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