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Bradford still in takeover talks

Image: Mark Lawn: Cash injection a peoblem

Bradford could be in the hands of new owners in time for the start of next season, says joint chairman Mark Lawn.

Lawn and fellow chairman Julian Rhodes are currently in takeover talks with former QPR owner Gianni Paladini, with the two parties having signed a confidentiality agreement earlier this month. "We're still talking and due diligence is being done," Lawn told BBC Radio Leeds. "We're going to make sure that if anyone's going to be a custodian of this club, we believe it has to be taken on in the right character. "After the fire, Bradford as a football club is probably unique with its supporters and its fanbase and he needs to understand that." When asked if the club will have new owners in place ahead of the 2015/16 campaign, reluctant seller Lawn said: "There may well be yes. It's something I don't want to do if I'm honest, I love the club. "My first game was in 1964 and I don't really want to let it go, but Julian and I can't afford to have this club in the Championship. "We wouldn't be able to put the money in. When you look at the wage bills - £20million at Leeds United, £35million at Reading and they're not even competing at play-off level. "Millwall - I've been talking to their chairman and he's been putting in £8million for the last five years, every year, just to keep them in that league. "I haven't got that sort of money and I've got to be honest about it. "But we want to make sure that someone who has got the money understands the workings of the club and how you've got to be with the fans, that you're all one and not aloof. That's important."

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