We speak to Quillan Isidore as he continues his recovery from injury and speaks of his desire to return to racing in better shape than ever...

Hungry for success

By Sam Drury - Follow on Twitter

Last Updated: 13/01/2014, 17:21 GMT

Quillan Isidore of Great Britain wins the Boys Under 16 race during day three of the UCI BMX World Championships at NIA Arena on May 26, 2012 in Birmingham, England.
Image: Quillan Isidore: Is working hard to ensure he returns to competition in better shape than ever

This time last year everything was going according to plan for Quillan Isidore.

With physio now reduced to just check-ups every couple of weeks, the onus is now on Isidore to do what he can, both at home and in the gym. He admitted that he is currently only doing "basic stuff" and although the extent of his injury means that even that is proving tricky, the rider remains positive. "It's healed now," said Isidore. "It's still not as strong as it was before but I'm strengthening it up and day by day it's getting strong so it's going really well at the moment on the rehab side, coming back from injury. It's going faster than I expected but I'm still going to take my time with it." Having taken up the sport shortly before his ninth birthday and with potentially another two or three Olympics after Rio as viable goals, Isidore has time on his side. His commitment and desire to return a fitter, stronger and more determined athlete could well ensure that his spell on the sidelines proves to be merely a blip on his track to success.