Amir Khan branded Kell Brook as 'scared' and 'empty inside' during tense filming of 'The Gloves Are Off'

Amir Khan and Kell Brook have announced their huge British battle at AO Arena in Manchester on February 19, live on Sky Sports Box Office, as the bitter rivals finally settle their long-running dispute

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Amir Khan accused Kell Brook of being ‘scared and empty inside’ during an tense edition of

Amir Khan branded Kell Brook as 'scared' and 'empty inside' as their bitter rivalry was reignited during angry exchanges while filming 'The Gloves Are Off.'

The British duo have announced their grudge fight will finally take place at AO Arena in Manchester on February 19, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Khan and Brook were hauled apart by security at a bad-tempered press conference and then went face-to-face again during an intense edition of 'The Gloves Are Off' with Johnny Nelson.

In an exclusive clip from the show, Khan told Brook: "I can see right through you.

Amir Khan, Kell Brook
Image: Khan and Brook were reunited after a fiery first press conference

"You're scared and empty inside."

Brook had earlier suggested that Khan was to blame for the lengthy wait for their fight to be finalised.

"He's always veered off, never given me respect, never acknowledged me," he said at their first press conference.

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"He has said: 'Win a world title then I will fight you, fight this guy then I will fight you'.

"He has run away.

Amir Khan, Kell Brook
Image: Brook traded more heated words with Khan

"It has got to a part of his career where there is nowhere else for him to run.

"I have wanted it for many years."

Khan hit back at Brook by saying: "In the past 10 years I have fought two of the best pound-for-pound best fighters.

"I have never run from Kell. I have never needed to.

"What I have achieved speaks for itself.

"There is no point crying about the past. In the past he hasn't deserved this fight.

"Come February 19 it will be time to see if he can back those words up."

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