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Hugh Edmeades: IPL auctioneer 'absolutely fine' and thanks fans for support after collapsing during Saturday's auction

The IPL said Edmeades' collapse was caused by low blood pressure; the British auctioneer was conducting the IPL auction for a fourth successive season when he fell from his position at the podium; Edmeades returned to the stage on Sunday

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After falling unwell 24 hours earlier, IPL auctioneer Hugh Edmeades returned to the podium at this year's auction

IPL auctioneer Hugh Edmeades has thanked fans for their support after his on-stage collapse caused the temporary suspension of Saturday's 2022 auction.

Edmeades collapsed on Saturday midway through day one of the auction with organisers later saying he had suffered from low blood pressure, but he returned to the podium for the closing stages of the auction on Sunday.

"I want to thank all those people around the world who sent me good wishes," Edmeades said in a video posted on the IPL's official Twitter account. "I am very sorry I can't be with you in person today.

"As you can see, I am absolutely fine but I just felt I wouldn't be able to give a 100 per cent performance, which is unfair to the BCCI, the IPL, the bidders and most importantly it would be unfair on the players."

Edmeades, who was conducting the IPL auction for a fourth successive season, was overseeing the bidding on the third set of players when he suddenly collapsed from his position at the podium.

The IPL confirmed Edmeades' collapse was caused by low blood pressure, but with the situation initially unclear, members of staff from the teams in attendance watched on in shock as the Brit was tended to by medical staff in Bengalaru.

"Mr. Hugh Edmeades, the IPL Auctioneer, had an unfortunate fall due to Postural Hypotension during the IPL Auction this afternoon," the IPL said on Twitter.

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"The medical team attended to him immediately after the incident & he is stable. Mr. Charu Sharma will continue with the auction proceedings today."

The auction resumed after a break of little more than an hour, with Sharma wishing Edmeades well upon the resumption.

"Our hearts and our wishes do go out to Hugh Edmeades, who was taken a little unwell," Sharma said.

"From all accounts he is getting much better, he's stable and that's good news."

England all-rounder Liam Livingstone became the highest-paid overseas player of the 2022 auction when the Punjab Kings splashed out £1.25m to fend off bids from a number of competitors on day two of the auction.

Chris Wood, who withdrew from last year's auction to spend more time with his family, was bought for about £735,000 by the Lucknow Super Giants on day one of the auction.

Jonny Bairstow also secured a big deal when the Kings committed more than £650,000 for him, while fellow England batter Jason Roy was bought by new franchise Gujarat Titans for nearly £200,000.

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