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Balaton Park: Inside Europe's first new purpose built motorsport track for a decade

Hungary's Balaton Park has a fair claim to be the first new top level purpose-built motorsport track in Europe for 15 years. Sky Sports News reporter Craig Slater explains why it has little prospect of hosting Formula 1 any time soon.

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Sky Sports News' Craig Slater gives his insight to Hungary's brand new racetrack and how it can help to push Formula One forward.

Over the last few years I've reported on a number of circuits racing to be ready in time with a Grand Prix only weeks away. It was rather "man bites dog" in news terms to see a big, fully complete, spanking new circuit open without any prospect of hosting a Formula 1 race.

That's Balaton Park in Hungary which has a fair claim to be the first new top level purpose-built track in Europe for 15 years.

It cost €200m, is designed to accommodate 130,000 spectators and even had a former Grand Prix winner, Giancarlo Fisichella, on hand to drive its first laps.

But let's be clear, F1 is not in Balaton Park's sights, nor does F1 plan to go there.

Hungary's F1 slot at the Hungaroring is secure for years to come - as I understand it - for at least the next decade. It has a long-term deal and there's an appetite on both sides to extend it significantly further.

Balaton Park
Image: Balaton Park cost €200m to build

Big renovations are planned for the slightly ageing facilities. Most importantly relations between its promoter and F1 are excellent and its proximity to Budapest is seen as a major plus.

Balaton Park, situated next to the nation's biggest lake, has a different kind of vibe. That part of Hungary is not so well known in Britain but for central Europeans it's a major summer destination. Lake Balaton has a 200km shoreline and average summer water temperatures of 25 degrees. There are elegant late Habsburg era resort towns which - getting back to motorsport - seemed to have charmed the individual ultimately responsible for a building a racing circuit there.

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Step forward Chanoch Nissany, a remarkable person by any standards. A property developer working in Hungary at the turn of the millennium he visited the Hungaroring's F1 race in 2001 and at the age of 38 decided he would become an F1 driver.

Chanoch Nissany (ISR) tests for Minardi..Minardi Testing, Vallelunga, Rome, Italy..23 November 2005
Image: Chanoch Nissany featured in an F1 practice session for Minardi in 2005

That he drove the Minardi in an official free practice session at the very same circuit four years later is a testament to his own driven nature. That episode is a story in itself.

NIssany heads up this fully privately funded venture. His son Roy, an F2 driver, still on the Williams development roster, is also heavily involved. Nissany senior has overseen major hotel and resort developments in the area. Balaton Park then appears something that can be built gradually as part of the leisure infrastructure without the short-term need to host major one off events.

A host of Budapest bigwigs tried out in Porsches on launch day. The circuit's first major event will be Porsche's 'Festival of Dreams' next month. Might MotoGP be an option?

Balaton Park Hungary
Image: Balaton Park's first major event will be Porsche's 'Festival of Dreams'

The series looked at a Hungarian leg two years ago. There was the proposal to build a track for it in the Balaton region in 2010.

As for F1... "We are not looking to challenge the Hungaroring. F1 in Hungary is there," Balaton director Gianpaolo Matteucci (and Fisichella's long-time manager) told me.

That's right, but might Nissany's long-time desire to be part of F1, be instructive in that regard?

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