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Fernando Alonso: Taylor Swift songs to describe eras of Aston Martin driver

From having a Blank Space to being The Man to surpassing his Wildest Dreams and all the Trouble in between, Sky Sports F1 tells the story of Fernando Alonso's career in Taylor Swift song titles; watch the Miami GP exclusively live on Sky Sports F1 this weekend

Fernando Alonso Taylor Swift Graphic

Fernando Alonso's return to contention at the front of the Formula 1 grid has been one of the stories of the 2023 season so far, but the Spaniard has also made headlines off the track.

Ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, a report in Spain speculated that Alonso could be dating newly-single pop star Taylor Swift.

Alonso, the oldest driver on the grid at the age of 41, had some fun with the rumours, making a social media post with one of Swift's songs before he arrived in Baku.

Sky Sports F1 commentators David Croft and Karun Chandhok, along with many others in Baku, lent into the story, using as many Swift song references as possible during Friday practice, before dropping in a further few occasional gems during the remainder of the weekend.

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Sky F1's commentary team were in great form in Azerbaijan, making repeated references to rumours that Fernando Alonso has been dating music legend Taylor Swift

With Alonso heading to Swift's homeland, the United States, this week for the Miami Grand Prix, Sky Sports F1 has gone to the trouble of telling the story of Alonso's career in Swift song titles.

Both the athlete and artist have shown remarkable longevity at the top of their respective fields, leaving plenty of tales and song names to choose from.

After this, we promise to let it go… unless they are actually dating!

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Tough start at Minardi - Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Alonso began his F1 career at minnows Minardi in 2001, who were languishing at the back of the field.

There was very little money available to spend on development, and Alonso apparently helped to bolt pieces of the car together to make sure it was ready in time for the first race of the season in Australia.

The car's lack of speed meant he had next to no chance of making an impact, and could therefore have been said to have been 'driving dancing with his hands tied'.

Test driver at Renault - Blank Space

A year at the back of the grid was enough for the young star, and he would join the team owned by his manager Flavio Briatore, Renault.

However, a seat was not immediately available, leaving him to serve as the team's test driver for a season, a year that could be described as Blank Space.

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Sky F1's Ted Kravitz heads to Asturias in northern Spain to find out what still drives Fernando Alonso and the legacy he wants to leave for Spanish motorsport

Immediate impact at Renault - Fearless

At a time when drivers were generally not given their breakthroughs into F1 at the young ages we see today, the 22-year-old Alonso was generating plenty of attention for both his youth and the fact he was Spain's first driver in the sport.

He quickly established himself as a Fearless competitor, taking a pole position at the second race of the 2003 season in Malaysia, before going on to claim a first F1 victory in Hungary in August.

Maiden F1 title - The Man

Alonso's ascent to the top of F1 was finally completed in 2005, as he ended Michael Schumacher and Ferrari's run of five successive world championships to claim his first drivers' title.

If there had been any doubt before, Alonso had now proven he was The Man.

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Ahead of his 40th birthday in 2021, Fernando Alonso spoke to Rachel Brookes to reflect on his career and future plans.

Back-to-back triumphs - Two Is Better Than One

While a poor season for Schumacher in 2005 had meant Alonso didn't really go head to head with the F1 great, 2006 saw an epic battle between generations.

Alonso built a big championship lead in the first half of the season but Schumacher fought back to set up an epic finale, only for the Spaniard to hold his nerve in the final two races and retain his title.

There is little doubt that Two Is Better Than One when it comes to Formula 1 world championships.

Ill-fated McLaren season alongside Hamilton - Sparks Fly / Bad Blood

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso only lasted on season as team-mates in 2007
Image: Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso only lasted on season as team-mates in 2007

The most wanted driver in Formula 1, Alonso decided to depart Renault off the back of his two titles to join McLaren.

There he would be partnered with a rookie driver named Lewis Hamilton, who Alonso assumed he would have seniority over.

However, Hamilton's immense talents meant that wasn't the case, and it didn't take long until McLaren saw Sparks Fly.

Team boss Ron Dennis did his best to bring the situation under control, but struggled to calm either of his ultra-competitive drivers.

Ultimately, Alonso and Hamilton squabbled throughout the season and lost each other points, enabling Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen to edge both of them in the world championship.

A furious Alonso would leave the team after just one season, with Bad Blood between himself and Hamilton that has never been fully resolved.

Return to Renault - Shake It Off

Desperate to escape a McLaren team he felt hadn't respected his status, Alonso was welcomed back to Renault.

The car was no longer capable of competing for the championship, but Alonso managed two race victories in 2008.

His two years back with the team where he made his name enabled him to Shake It Off after all the controversy at McLaren.

Move to Ferrari - Red

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Following his brilliant start to the season at Aston Martin, look back at Fernando Alonso's last race win at the Spanish Grand Prix back in 2013

Looking to get back into championship contention, Alonso made the move to Ferrari in 2010.

He would wear and drive in the Italian team's famous Red.

Misses out to Vettel - I Almost Do / Sweet Nothing

The move very nearly paid off for Alonso, but it was a case of I Almost Do, as he lost out to Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel in the final races of the 2010 and 2012 seasons.

A decline in performance in 2014, as Ferrari struggled at the start of F1's hybrid engine era, saw Alonso part ways with Ferrari, leaving him with Sweet Nothing to show for his time with the team.

Return to McLaren - I Want You Back

Fernando Alonso returned to McLaren in 2015 with Jenson Button as his team-mate
Image: Fernando Alonso returned to McLaren in 2015 with Jenson Button as his team-mate

It was a reunion few would have predicted when he left the team in 2007, but time is a great healer and in 2015, the message from McLaren to Alonso was: I Want You Back.

Alonso would be paired with fellow former world champion Jenson Button in an all-star driver line-up, but the car was not worthy of their talent.

McLaren struggles - My Tears Ricochet

The Honda engine supplying the team was not up to scratch, and a frustrated Alonso said that the team looked like "amateurs" and that their performances were "embarrassing".

The Spaniard would undoubtedly have been left questioning his decision, and My Tears Ricochet may have been an appropriate description of how he felt while watching Sebastian Vettel fighting Lewis Hamilton for titles in the Ferrari he used to drive.

Time away from F1 - Exile

Disillusioned after driving an uncompetitive car for four seasons, and with no options further up the grid available, Alonso decided to step away from F1.

He was in Exile from motorsport's elite category, but did find time to display his talents in other series, including the Indy 500, the Dakar Rally and Le Mans 24h.

Return to Alpine (Renault) - You Belong With Me

He wasn't done in F1 though. When spaces on the grid opened up in 2021, Alonso expressed interest, and would return to Alpine - the rebranded version of the Renault - for a third time.

While it was great to see a reinvigorated Alonso back in the paddock, he wasn't able to drag Alpine higher than the midfield.

Shock Alpine exit - Look What You Made Me Do / We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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Fernando Alonso says he wasn't as supported by Alpine due to his age and is very happy to join the Aston Martin project

While Alpine weren't quite at the sharp end of the grid, Alonso appeared content to stay with the team, and was in negotiations over extending his contract midway through the 2022 season.

However, there was a sticking point in negotiations, with the team not wanting to give Alonso the multi-year contract he desired.

Alonso criticised the team for being ageist, and then when Sebastian Vettel retired and Aston Martin came knocking with the longer contract he desired, announced a shock exit.

The Spaniard appeared to be telling Alpine 'Look What You Made Me Do', while the surprising nature of his exit and the fact it saw the team also lose protégé Oscar Piastri, likely left them saying 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.

Stunning start at Aston - Wildest Dreams

Along with the contract, Alonso said he was impressed by Aston Martin's vision, and the investment being made by their very wealthy owner - and his team-mate's dad - Lawrence Stroll.

Given Aston Martin had finished seventh in the constructors' standings, three places behind Alpine, in 2022, many questioned the logic behind his decision.

However, it would become clear in pre-season testing that Aston Martin had taken an enormous step forward over the winter, and went into the opening race at Bahrain as Red Bull's nearest challengers.

Alonso would capitalise on the car's speed to secure a podium behind the Red Bulls in Bahrain, a result that was beyond both his and the team's Wildest Dreams.

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Ride onboard with Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso as the former team-mates battled it out in the Bahrain Grand Prix

What next? End Game

With Alonso turning 42 in JULY, it's hard to see the Spaniard remaining in the sport for too many more years.

However, energised by a quick car and having shown he is still able to compete with the best after a series of impressive early-season performances, he is likely to stick around long enough to see if Aston Martin's ascent can continue to the top step of the podium.

It remains to be seen whether the End Game is merely the 33rd race victory Alonso and his fans have long craved, or a shot at one more world championship.

The Formula 1 season continues with the Miami GP from May 5-7. Watch qualifying at 9pm on Saturday with lights out at 8.30pm on Sunday. Get Sky Sports

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