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Doug Marrone's discipline 'good for Jacksonville Jaguars'

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 24: Interim head coach Doug Marrone of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on after the game against the Tennessee Titans at EverBan
Image: Doug Marrone signed a three year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, with Tom Coughlin to act as executive VP

Doug Marrone appointment as Jacksonville Jaguars head coach is a good hire for the franchise, according to Sky Sports NFL analysts Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinebold.

The Jaguars announced on Monday that Marrone, who had been interim head coach, had signed a three-year deal, with former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin to join the staff as executive vice president of football operations.

On the 'Inside the Huddle' podcast, Neil and Jeff broke down the appointment.

"I like this hire. Doug Marrone is a no-nonsense guy and this team will be tough, disciplined and well-coached", said Jeff. "There is going to be an accountability that will permeate through that organisation."

"Coughlin wanted to be a head coach again, but this is a compromise", added Neil. "He wants to win, and this is a good situation for the Jaguars to use Coughlin's NFL brain, and in the long run, a good situation for Coughlin too."

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In his 12 years as head coach for the New York Giants, Coughlin won two Super Bowls. Reports suggested that he wanted to join the Jaguars last year, but the former head coach Gus Bradley was uncomfortable with the move.

Inside the Huddle 11/01
Inside the Huddle 11/01

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"I think Marrone will want Coughlin, he'll welcome his input and encourage him on to the field", said Jeff.

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The decision to keep Marrone in charge has been viewed as one to maintain continuity in the camp, and both Neil and Jeff saw this as a good sign for quarterback Blake Bortles.

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"Marrone's belief in Bortles was a factor, and it seems as though the Jaguars like what they have in place, they now just need the right coach", said Neil.

To hear the rest of the 'Inside the Huddle' podcast, including both men's thoughts on Wild Card Weekend, click on the link above.  

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