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Grand Slam of Darts: Fixtures, TV schedule and results from Wolverhampton

Sensational Luke Humphries scooped his second televised title in as many months with a brilliant Grand Slam of Darts triumph in Wolverhampton on Sunday, powering past Rob Cross 16-8 in the final

Luke Humphries during Day Six of the 2023 World Grand Prix at the Morningside Arena, Leicester on Saturday 7th October 2023.

Sensational Luke Humphries scooped his second televised title in as many months with a brilliant Grand Slam of Darts triumph in Wolverhampton on Sunday.

The group stage of the 32-player event saw the players competing in a round-robin format across the opening four days at WV Active Aldersley, with 16 ties taking place across two sessions on Saturday.

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Watch every nine-darter that has been hit at the Grand Slam of Darts since it has been broadcast on Sky Sports

The group stage then came to an end with the final round-robin games on Tuesday as Groups E-H played their last matches. Groups A-D came to a conclusion on Monday.

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Josh Rock stunned Michael van Gerwen with a nine-darter at the Grand Slam of Darts last year

Following the conclusion of the group stage, the top two players from each group made it through to the knockout stage, Fallon Sherrock and Beau Greaves losing out on Tuesday night.

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Watch Fallon Sherrock become the first female to hit a televised nine-darter!

The last 16 were split across Wednesday and Thursday evening, with the quarter-finals being held on Friday and Saturday.

The tournament concludes with a bumper double-session on Sunday, November 19, as the afternoon's semi-finals are followed by the final in the evening session.

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Matthew Edgar feels there have been a lot of distractions away from darts for Fallon Sherrock recently, while Abi Davies believes what she's done for the sport is unrivalled

Schedule of Play

Wednesday November 15
Second Round
Josh Rock 10-5 Krzysztof Ratajski
James Wade 10-8 Chris Dobey
Gerwyn Price 6-10 Gary Anderson
Luke Humphries 10-7 Ryan Searle

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Thursday November 16
Stowe Buntz 10-5 Andrew Gilding
Danny Noppert 4-10 Stephen Bunting
Michael van Gerwen 7-10 Damon Heta
Nathan Aspinall 8-10 Rob Cross

Friday November 17
Josh Rock 15-16 James Wade
Gary Anderson 14-16 Luke Humphries

Saturday November 18
Stowe Buntz 8-16 Stephen Bunting
Damon Heta 6-16 Rob Cross

Sunday November 19
Afternoon Session
James Wade 10-16 Luke Humphries
Stephen Bunting 13-16 Rob Cross

Evening Session
Luke Humphries 16-8 Rob Cross

Saturday November 11
Afternoon Session
Group Stage x8 - Groups B-D-F-H First Matches

Damon Heta 5-4 Ricardo Pietreczko (H)
Andrew Gilding 5-3 Brendan Dolan (F)
Ryan Searle 5-4 Gian van Veen (D)
Josh Rock 5-2 Chris Dobey (B)
Danny Noppert 5-3 Haruki Muramatsu (F)
Nathan Aspinall 5-4 Beau Greaves (H)
Jonny Clayton 5-2 Berry van Peer (B)
Gerwyn Price 5-1 Nathan Rafferty (D)

Evening Session
Group Stage x8 - Groups A-C-E-G First Matches

Krzysztof Ratajski 5-4 James Wade (A)
Rob Cross 5-4 Martijn Kleermaker (G)
Stephen Bunting 5-4 Dave Chisnall (E)
Gary Anderson 5-4 Dirk van Duijvenbode (C)
Luke Humphries 5-2 Steve Lennon (C)
Stowe Buntz 5-1 Peter Wright (E)
Michael van Gerwen 5-1 Fallon Sherrock (G)
Michael Smith 5-2 Nathan Girvan (A)

Sunday November 12
Afternoon Session

Group Stage x8 - Groups B-D-F-H Second Matches
Gian van Veen 2-5 Nathan Rafferty (D)
Brendan Dolan 5-2 Haruki Muramatsu (F)
Chris Dobey 5-4 Berry van Peer (B)
Danny Noppert 5-3 Andrew Gilding (F)
Gerwyn Price 5-0 Ryan Searle (D)
Ricardo Pietreczko 1-5 Beau Greaves (H)
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Damon Heta (H)
Jonny Clayton 1-5 Josh Rock (B)

Evening Session
Group Stage x8 - Groups A-C-E-G Second Matches
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-2 Steve Lennon (C)
James Wade 5-2 Nathan Girvan (A)
Peter Wright 5-4 Dave Chisnall (E)
Martijn Kleermaker 4-5 Fallon Sherrock (G)
Stephen Bunting 3-5 Stowe Buntz (E)
Michael van Gerwen 5-4 Rob Cross (G)
Michael Smith 5-4 Krzysztof Ratajski (A)
Luke Humphries 5-1 Gary Anderson (C)

Monday November 13
Group Stage x8 - Groups A-D Final Matches

Gerwyn Price 5-1 Gian van Veen (D)
Josh Rock 5-1 Berry van Peer (B)
Gary Anderson 5-1 Steve Lennon (C)
Luke Humphries 5-1 Dirk van Duijvenbode (C)
Nathan Rafferty 3-5 Ryan Searle (D)
Krzysztof Ratajski 5-1 Nathan Girvan (A)
Michael Smith 1-5 James Wade (A)
Jonny Clayton 3-5 Chris Dobey (B)

Tuesday November 14
Group Stage x8 - Groups E-H Final Matches
Dave Chisnall 5-4 Stowe Buntz (E)
Nathan Aspinall 4-5 Ricardo Pietreczko (H)
Michael van Gerwen 5-4 Martijn Kleermaker (G)
Andrew Gilding 5-1 Haruki Muramatsu (F)
Danny Noppert 5-3 Brendan Dolan (F)
Peter Wright 3-5 Stephen Bunting (E)
Rob Cross 5-2 Fallon Sherrock (G)
Damon Heta 5-4 Beau Greaves (H)

The Groups

Group A
Michael Smith (1)
James Wade (Q)
Krzysztof Ratajski (Q)
Nathan Girvan

Group B
Jonny Clayton (8)
Chris Dobey (Q)
Josh Rock (Q)
Berry van Peer

Group C
Luke Humphries (4) (Q)
Dirk van Duijvenbode
Gary Anderson (Q)
Steve Lennon

Group D
Gerwyn Price (5) (Q)
Ryan Searle (Q)
Gian van Veen
Nathan Rafferty

Group E
Peter Wright (2)
Dave Chisnall
Stephen Bunting (Q)
Stowe Buntz (Q)

Group F
Danny Noppert (7) (Q)
Andrew Gilding (Q)
Brendan Dolan
Haruki Muramatsu

Group G
Michael van Gerwen (3) (Q)
Rob Cross (Q)
Martijn Kleermaker
Fallon Sherrock

Group H
Nathan Aspinall (6) (Q)
Damon Heta (Q)
Ricardo Pietreczko
Beau Greaves

Group Stage - Best of 9 legs
Second Round - Best of 19 legs
Quarter-Finals - Best of 31 legs
Semi-Finals - Best of 31 legs
Final - Best of 31 legs

Tournament Rules
Group Stage
Players receive two points for a win.

To split a two-way Points tie for any position within a group, the following process will be used:
- Leg Difference
- Group Match winner

To split a three-way Points tie for positions within a group, the following process will be used:
- Leg Difference
- Legs Won
- Legs Won Against Throw
- Tournament Average
- If still a tie for one or more places, there will be a Nine-Dart Shoot-Out between the relevant players to determine final standings, with the highest aggregate score over nine darts being used to separate the players.

In the event a "Nine-Dart Shoot-Out" finishes level between two or more players, those players who have tied on the most points will continue to throw three darts each in the same order until one player scores more points than the other player(s) with their three darts.

Knockout Stage
From the second round onwards, the tournament will be in played a knockout format, using the following bracket:
Winner Group A v Runner-Up Group B
Winner Group B v Runner-Up Group A
Winner Group C v Runner-Up Group D
Winner Group D v Runner-Up Group C
Winner Group E v Runner-Up Group F
Winner Group F v Runner-Up Group E
Winner Group G v Runner-Up Group H
Winner Group H v Runner-Up Group G

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