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Can you answer Martin's teaser from Napoli?

Martin Tyler - Martin Tyler Posted 21st February 2012 view comments

Martin Tyler's stats and facts column is here!

Every week he will be here to offer you statistical gems to make your day, impress your mates and, on occasion, to settle the odd bet.

Sky Sports' voice of football and his back-up team of experts are here to answer your questions and queries on all things statistical and historical from the beautiful game.

Lampard: can break more than one goalscoring record this season

Lampard: can break more than one goalscoring record this season

If you have spotted something from a game or have been stumped by a pub quiz question, simply email and he will do his best to help.

Tyler's Starting Stat - Unhappily in Napoli

Chelsea have scored first in all seven of their Champions League games this season and in all four of their away games they've failed to win despite scoring first.

Ezequiel Lavezzi scored his first two Champions League goals in his seventh game in the competition and Edinson Cavani took his tally to four in three games against Premier League teams in Europe this season, having scored three goals in two matches against Man City. His record is now 23 goals in 32 games in all competitions this season.

Juan Mata scored his first away goal from open play for Chelsea, his only previous away goal being a penalty at QPR, while Frank Lampard made his 100th European appearance (90 for Chelsea and 10 for West Ham).

Despite the pressure on AVB it was only Chelsea's third defeat in their last 17, of which they have won seven and drawn seven. The other defeats were at home to Aston Villa and away to Everton.

Napoli remain unbeaten at home in European Cup/Champions League - but they've only played seven games, winning four and drawing three.

Hi Martin, love your column. I'm a real 'statto' as my friends say but an interesting thing I noticed was that if Frank Lampard gets one more goal in the Premier League this season that will make it nine incredible seasons in a row that he has scored at least 10 goals. Phenomenal considering he's a midfield player! I was wondering if any player has done something similar or even bettered that record (probably Big Al!) and also who has the record for amount of campaigns with 10 or more goals; consecutive/non-consecutive. Tom Corbett (Aston Villa fan).

MARTIN SAYS: If Frank Lampard scores one more goal this season then he will become only the third player in Premier League history to score 10 goals in nine separate seasons - and the first midfielder.

The record is, perhaps unsurprisingly, held by Alan Shearer, who scored at least 10 goals in 11 different Premier League seasons between 1992/93 and 2005/06. However, these were not consecutive seasons as in three campaigns he failed to reach double figures (2 in 1997/98, 5 in 2000/01 and 7 in 2004/05).

The other man to have achieved this feat is Andrew Cole, who hit double figures in nine separate seasons between 1993/94 and 2004/05. Again, these were not consecutive seasons as he only managed 7 in 1996/97, 8 in 2000/01 and 7 in 2002/03. He also fell agonisingly short of hitting 10 in a 10th season when he scored nine for Man City in 2005/06.

So if Lampard scores once more this season he will become the FIRST player to hit double figures in nine consecutive seasons.

He has currently done it in eight consecutive seasons, a record he shares with Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney (this is the eighth season of Rooney's streak, so he will be looking for a ninth next term).

Thanks to Opta, here are the players with 10+ goals in at least eight Premier League seasons:

Alan Shearer (11)
Andrew Cole (9)
Thierry Henry (8)*
Robbie Keane (8)
Michael Owen (8)
Frank Lampard (8)*
Wayne Rooney (8)*

*Consecutive seasons

Hi Martin. As an avid Everton fan I was wondering who holds the record for being the lowest top Premier League scorer for their team at the end of a season. I only ask as we are half way through February and Bainsey, Anichebe and Osman are the top goal-scorers with three each and I can't see anyone going on a run right now. Cheers. Dan Cocker (Everton fan)

MARTIN SAYS: You can add Apostolos Vellios to your list of Everton players with three Premier League goals this season. I can tell you that if no Everton player reaches four goals this year then they will match the record for the team with the lowest top individual scorer in a Premier League season.

That record currently belongs to the Sunderland side of 2005/06, when none of their players managed more than three Premier League goals. Dean Whitehead, Tommy Miller, Anthony Le Tallec and Liam Lawrence finished as joint top scorers with three - and they were made to pay for their lack of goals as they finished bottom of the table with just 15 points.

Our friends at Opta have told us that there are 13 teams in Premier League history who have finished the season without one of their players scoring at least six league goals. We have listed those below. Aside from Everton, we can tell you that Wigan are the only other side capable of joining that list this year as their top scorers - Jordi Gomez and Franco Di Santo are currently on four goals.

Lowest top scorers in a Premier League season:

SeasonTeamTop scorer goalsTop scorer
2005/2006Sunderland3Dean Whitehead, Tommy Miller, Anthony Le Tallec, Liam Lawrence,
2011/2012Everton3 (so far)Leon Osman, Apostolos Vellios, Victor Anichebe, Leighton Baines
1996/1997Sunderland4Paul Stewart, Craig Russell
1997/1998Wimbledon4Efan Ekoku, Carl Leaburn, Michael Hughes, Jason Euell, Carl Cort
2007/2008Derby 4Kenny Miller
2011/2012Wigan 4 (so far)Jordi Gómez, Franco Di Santo
1994/1995Ipswich 5Claus Thomsen
1996/1997Leeds 5Brian Deane, Lee Sharpe
1998/1999Blackburn5Kevin Gallacher, Ashley Ward
2000/2001Bradford 5Benito Carbone
2002/2003West Brom5Scott Dobie, Danny Dichio
2005/2006Birmingham5Jirí Jarosik
2005/2006West Brom5Nathan Ellington, Kanu
2009/2010Stoke5Matthew Etherington
2010/2011Blackburn5Nikola Kalinic, David Hoilett, Jason Roberts

Of these sides, only Wimbledon, Leeds, Stoke and Blackburn (last season) didn't go down, but I can't imagine Everton will end up being relegated!

Hi Martin, Being an exiled Newcastle fan I was pretty annoyed to see us ship another five goals this season, after what was such a tight first few games for us defensively. It got me to thinking - there have been quite a few drubbings of top teams this season. My question is this - What is the record number of goals shipped collectively by the top six teams in the Premier League? We must be on for some kind of record this year! Tom - NYC

MARTIN SAYS: The current top six - Man City, Man Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle - have conceded a total of 171 goals so far this season in a combined 150 games. That's a ratio of 1.14 goals conceded per game. If they continue to concede goals at that rate then they will finish the season with a combined 260 in the "goals against" column, which would be a record for a 38-game season. The previous high was 246 in 2002/03.

However, the top six conceded more goals on average in the very first Premier League season. Back in 1992/93, the top six - Man Utd, Aston Villa, Norwich, Blackburn, QPR and Liverpool - conceded 292 goals, which was an average of 1.16 goals per game.

The boffins at Opta have broken it down for us as follows:

SeasonFinal top sixGamesConcededConceded/Game
1992/93Man U, A Villa, Norwich, Blackburn, QPR, Liverpool2522921.16
2011/12 (so far)Man City, Man U, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle1501711.14
2002/03Man U, Arsenal, Newcastle, Chelsea, Liverpool, Blackburn2282461.08
1996/97Man U, Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool, A Villa, Chelsea2282421.06
1997/98Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Leeds, Blackburn2282421.06
2000/01Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, Leeds, Ipswich, Chelsea2282381.04
2001/02Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, Newcastle, Leeds, Chelsea2282381.04
2010/11Man U, Chelsea, Man C, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool2282361.04
1999/00Man U, Arsenal, Leeds, Liverpool, Chelsea, A Villa2282301.01
2009/10Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City, A Villa2282260.99
1995/96Man U, Newcastle, Liverpool, A Villa, Arsenal, Everton2282170.95
1998/99Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leeds, West Ham, A Villa2282170.95
1993/94Man U, Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal, Leeds, Wimbledon2522350.93
2003/04Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Newcastle, A Villa2282120.93
1994/95Blackburn, Man U, N Forest, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle2522320.92
2004/05Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, Everton, Liverpool, Bolton2282080.91
2006/07Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton2282030.89
2008/09Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, A Villa2281970.86
2005/06Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Blackburn2281920.84
2007/08Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, A Villa2281910.84

Big fan Martin! Must read every week. My question is who has had the most possession in the Premier League this year? Thank you. George Aldridge (Leeds Utd fan)

MARTIN SAYS: Opta have given us the average possession stats for each of the 20 Premier League sides this year and we can tell you that, on average, Arsenal have more possession than anybody else. They've had the ball for 59.3% of the time this term.

The top six sides in our list are made up of the current top five, plus Brendan Rodgers' Swansea City, who've enjoyed 56.4% of the ball this year. The only other sides to have enjoyed more than 50% of possession are Liverpool and Fulham.

In contrast, Stoke City can boast an average of just 39.4% possession this term, the only side with less than 40%. I suppose that shows us something about how the different teams tend to approach the game.

Average possession of Premier League teams this season:

Arsenal (59.3%)
Man City (58.1%)
Chelsea (57.0%)
Man Utd (56.9%)
Swansea (56.4%)
Tottenham (56.1%)
Liverpool (55.5%)
Fulham (50.1%)
Wolves (48.8%)
Wigan (48.6%)
Newcastle (47.8%)
QPR (46.9%)
Everton (46.4%)
Bolton (45.3%)
Aston Villa (45.1%)
West Brom (44.8%)
Sunderland (44.8%)
Norwich (44.5%)
Blackburn (42.2%)
Stoke (39.4%)

What I wanted to ask was if it is Shearer who holds the record for scoring against most opponents? And is any current player anywhere near him in closing down the gap on him or whoever is holding the record. Aditya Mantri (Manchester Utd fan)

MARTIN SAYS: This is one record that Alan Shearer does not hold. He has scored against 37 opponents, whereas Andrew Cole has scored against 38 opponents. In fact the only two sides he failed to score against that he faced during his Premier League career were Swindon Town and Reading - and he only played against each of them twice in the top division.

Similarly, Shearer only failed to score against two of the 39 teams he played against in the Premier League. He did not net in two games against Watford, nor in five matches against Birmingham City.

To answer your question, there is indeed a current player closing in on Cole's record - and it's that man Frank Lampard! He has scored against 37 Premier League teams in his career and he could match Cole's record of 38 if he scores against QPR on April 28.

The only other current Premier League teams he hasn't scored against are Swansea City (he did not feature in either of Chelsea's games against them this year and actually played and scored for Swansea while on loan in 1995/96) and Chelsea (he failed to score against the Blues in 10 Premier League appearances against them for West Ham). The only other teams he has faced in the Premier League without scoring are Ipswich, Burnley and Watford.

Thanks to Opta, here are the players who have scored against the most teams in the Premier League:

Andrew Cole (38)
Alan Shearer / Frank Lampard (37)
Teddy Sheringham (35)
Ryan Giggs, Thierry Henry (34)
Robbie Keane, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Les Ferdinand, Nicolas Anelka (33)
Emile Heskey (32)
Paul Scholes, Dennis Bergkamp, Gary Speed (31)

Tyler's teaser

Fill in your answers to Martin's teaser using the feedback form below - and keep those questions coming in!

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Emon Meah (Manchester United fan) says...

Hey Martin, I heard from a commentator that QPR already has 6 red cards, so I was wondering, what is the highest amount of number for a team to receive a red card? You can include yellow cards if you want!

Posted 00:09 28th February 2012

Dan Perry (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin. Having seen both Scholes and Giggs both get on the score sheet yesterday against norwich. I wondering how many time the two have played together and how many times they have both been on the score sheet in the same game?

Posted 09:00 27th February 2012

Mark Nosonovsky (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Hi Martin. I was just looking at Blackburn's goalscoring record, and I am wondering when is the last time a team who finished in the top half of the goalscoring charts got relegated?

Posted 05:02 27th February 2012

Wong Thomas (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Martin, big fan of your column. I just finish watching the Carling Cup finals. I was wondering: how often does a team missed their first/first two penalties and still win a penalty shoot out? Seems impossible given the psychological impact on the second taker. Thanks!

Posted 19:11 26th February 2012

Andy Scott (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Shane i think the fastest goal is Ledley King in 11 seconds or something,

Posted 01:09 25th February 2012

James Dorney (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

In response to Martin Kerr (Southampton fan) - Rob Earnshaw

Posted 14:14 24th February 2012

Jeff Potts (Sunderland fan) says...

I have noticed that Sunderland are the only team that have to date conceded no more than 2 goals in a competitive match this season.

Posted 12:32 24th February 2012

Daniele Zanato (Everton fan) says...

@Martin, that's too easy for Mr Tyler. It's Robert Earnshaw.

Posted 11:48 24th February 2012

Jamie Dunkin (Fulham fan) says...

Dear Martin, I see Clint Dempsey is enjoying 16 goals for Fulham this year, But what is the highest goalscorer ever for Fulham in one season? Also, Which keeper has the most cleansheets?

Posted 09:52 24th February 2012

David Northrop (West Ham United fan) says...

West Ham have just had a player sent off in three consequtive matches.I was wondering whether something similar has ever occurred in the Premier league and what is the longest sequence.In addition what is the lowest number of players a Premier side has ended up with on the pitch at the end of a match

Posted 09:13 24th February 2012

John Mckeever (Liverpool fan) says...

Great to see Robbie Keane in a few of those lists. (Consecutive scorers, scored most teams). I still say he could possibly be the most underrated striker if not player in Premier league history.

Posted 08:27 24th February 2012

Mark Stoker (Sunderland fan) says...

Hi Martin, been a fan of the column for a couple of years now, and yet to have a Question Answered, however i think i have come up with an interesting one (that everyone can enjoy and not just the top 4). Which Football team have attributed to a manager being sacked the most, ie played the team the game before the sacking. Not including managers departing in close season. This could be any team as being beat by a lesser team is more likely to lead to a sacking than losing to the top 4 for instance. Thanks in advance

Posted 07:30 24th February 2012

Leigh Woods (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hello Martin, Great column as always. I'd like to know, what is the furthest a team has reached in the Champions League knockout rounds, progressing through each round by means of winning by the away goal rule? Has any team reached the final by doing this or even gone on to win in the final? Thanks

Posted 07:24 24th February 2012

Mark Stoker (Sunderland fan) says...

@martin Kerr i think it may be Rob Earnshaw

Posted 07:23 24th February 2012

Azeem Banatwalla (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Martin. Over the last couple of seasons, as a Manchester United fan, I can't help but notice the sheer lack of quality United have in their corner kick routines. Almost every corner seems to land in the keeper's arms. Which brings me to my question. Which team has been least productive in terms of chances created from corner kicks this season? I'd wager Manchester United are probably the worst.

Posted 05:43 24th February 2012

Neil Robinson (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

Just to answer a couple of questions posted by Martin Kerr and Shane Seville. Firstly Martin Kerr's question.... Robert Earnshaw, scored a hat-trick in league 2, league 1 and championship (or what they used to be) with Cardiff City, and also the league cup and FA cup hat-tricks. The premiership hat-trick was with West Brom. The international hat-trick was against Scotland, when they won 4-0 in 2004. Shane Seville's question, in the premiership the quickest goal was by Ledley King if i remember right, scoring after 10 seconds, but I don't know the answer to the European football part.

Posted 02:29 24th February 2012

Mr X (Everton fan) says...

Teaser answers: Udinese, Villarreal, Celta Vigo and FC Thun?

Posted 20:55 23rd February 2012

Tim Sheedy (Leyton Orient fan) says...

@Martin Kerr That is Robert Earnshaw Martin T- Great column as always, my question though is this; Fernando Torres, as has been well documented, is currently in the middle of an awful scoring streak (no goals in last 14 app in the league, 7 of them the full 90mins and 7 part app). Having previously scored over 20 goals in a season (24 in his first season with Liverpool), he has now gone nearly 900 league minutes without a goal. What I would like to no is, is his current streak the longest a 10+, 15+ or 20+ goals in one season player has gone without scoring (in terms of minutes or appearances) AFTER their high scoring season? Thanks, Tim

Posted 17:58 23rd February 2012

Simon Dunn (Aston Villa fan) says...

Martin Kerr everybody knows that one. Robert Earnshaw

Posted 17:31 23rd February 2012

Rory Byrne (Manchester United fan) says...

Martin Kerr... That's easy the answer is Robbie Earnshaw

Posted 15:52 23rd February 2012

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