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Quit while ahead

Khan remains a success story and should retire now, says Glenn

Glenn McCrory Posted 16th July 2012 view comments

We saw Amir Khan suffer the second horrible knockout of his career as Danny Garcia strapped on the WBC and WBA light-welterweight belts following an unexpected victory in Las Vegas.

I think Amir should retire. Not out of any disparagement, not out of believing he's got nothing left, not out of thinking he couldn't be a force or couldn't get himself back - I'm one of those who's always been a big fan of Amir's.

Khan is sent to the canvas during his devastating defeat to Garcia

Khan is sent to the canvas during his devastating defeat to Garcia

I'm saying he should retire because at what point in boxing is enough is enough?

I would have retired when I won the world title. I fulfilled my ambition in 1999 and I was just 24 years old. That, to me, was it. I would have walked away then if I'd had a million pounds in the bank and been as happy as Larry.

Unfortunately, I got paid £7,500 for the world title fight so I had to go on for a bit longer. There's life after boxing and I'm not saying Amir Khan is shot in any way. I'm saying he should retire as the sensible option.

We saw him sparring with an amateur, taking punches. We know he spars with Manny Pacquiao and takes punches. Boxing is a serious, serious business and it's got to be handled with care.

Glenn McCrory
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He's been there and done it. He's a two-time world champion and made millions. He's been a silver medalist at the Olympics. He's a good-looking, bright articulate kid with a fiancée and you just think, what more do you want?


Khan is still burning full of ambition and the fight remains within him. I lost four out of five fights, was stopped in three of them and then went on to win a world title. Lennox Lewis got knocked out twice and still went on to have an illustrious career. So I'm not saying that it's not possible, but Khan's nature is to get in fights and when he gets knocked out, he takes big shots.

We saw him sparring with an amateur, taking punches. We know he spars with Manny Pacquiao and takes punches. Boxing is a serious, serious business and it's got to be handled with care.

Amir has so much going for him. I don't expect him to listen - my three-year-old girl doesn't listen to me unless I'm telling her to get the sweets out the cupboard, so I don't know why Amir would listen to me. I'm just saying that I retired around 25, found Sky Sports and have been doing that for the last 23 years.

What makes Amir Khan so exciting is also his undoing. He wants to have a fight and that's what makes him great to watch. The kid will take a gamble. The kid will have a fight and I, for one, love him for that. He goes where people daren't go and that's the sort of kid he is. But like I said, it's also his undoing.

I thought Khan's speed and punch power would be too much for Garcia. He did everything I thought he would and began really well, but when he landed the right hand like the one that knocked Dmitry Salita out, it didn't do anything. Garcia didn't even flinch.

It looked like the second coming, but let's face it - Garcia won a split decision over Kendall Holt, a split decision over Ashley Theophane, a decision over an ancient Erik Morales. But Amir Khan made Danny Garcia look like Sonny Liston in terms of power.

Khan got bullied by Lamont Peterson and sparked by Garcia - if you look at it with any logic, what on earth is he going to do if he decides to step up into the welterweight division?


He's got supposedly the greatest trainer in the world, the best fitness coach and the best nutritionist. I was over the moon when Amir reinvented himself after the defeat to Breidis Prescott and won the world title, but this defeat is different.

Ricky Hatton found his level with Mayweather and Pacquiao and they beat him convincingly. He did fantastically well and it was time to get out. He could have done more, he could have had more pay days - but why? Why take punches if you don't have to?

Amir Khan gets knocked out badly. Do you want to see him get hurt? Why would he risk everything he's got right now? He wants to win the light-welterweight title again - why? He should go and look in his trophy cabinet because he's already won it. He wants to win a welterweight title - why? It looks just the same as the light-welterweight one. So why? If it's just for money, if money's your God, then crack on.

Carl Froch, I know, likes Amir Khan very much. Carl is a sensible sort of kid and a fighter who cares about Amir because he knows what it's like. Some of the people who are saying 'Khan still has loads left and should fight on' aren't people who have boxed, so they don't get the headaches at night. People like Carl and I have taken hard punches and we know it hurts.

The big 'if'

If he goes on, the fight with domestic rival Kell Brook is the obvious one. If you want to go to welterweight, you've got Brook, who struggled a bit in his last fight so it's a perfect 'in.'

It would be make or break for both of them. Who's going to make it? It's the perfect time for it and it'd be a massive fight - in Sheffield or in Bolton in the autumn time. I'd want the best man to win. I think if Amir did come back and beat Kell convincingly, I'd be the first person to say I was wrong.

I like them both. I can't say enough that I think the world of Amir Khan, and that's why I think he should walk away.

He could do anything - be an ambassador... you know - take Johnny Nelson's job... I think Amir and I would make a great double act. Come to think of it, I'm really looking forward to seeing Amir in Johnny Nelson's seat because I'm sick of carrying Johnny...!

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Michael Brown says...

amir khan is finished there is no big money fights out in the states and i wouldnt have him back in the uk since he went to the states to fight cause of his arrogant attitude cause he thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread but garcia proved otherwise plus he has been found out now with his glass jaw and most british fighters would expoit that with every combo thrown i would be happy to see the back of amir and forget he existed in a boxing ring and make way for fighters with talent like brook who can take and hit and keep coming

Posted 13:45 18th July 2012

Raj Jain says...

Ali got careless and was nearly knocked out by Henry Cooper. He was saved by the bell. His trainer was smart and got Ali an extra minute's rest by tearing his glove. Unfortunately Freddy Roach didn't have a plan to save Khan. Anyhow the big difference was that Ali's recovery powers (unknown at the time) were amazing and unparalled, he was also able to "take and absorb" big punches. Amir Khan cannot do this. What is more worrying for Khan is that the first 2 knock downs were punches to either side of his neck!! How do you analyse this?? What advise can you give? I've watched boxing for 45 years and cannot ever remember a boxer going down with punches to their neck. The only saving grace in Khan's favour is that boxing isn't about winning or losing anymore, it's about how much excitment the fight can generate. And if he keeps getting tagged by wild punches thrown from a mile away he'll still be in demand to be exploited. My advice hit and run if you wanna stay in the ring! Don't stand and fight. You're not a toe to toe fighter.

Posted 23:31 17th July 2012

Michael West says...

If I was Amir Khan I'd come back to the uk get the best trainer in the uk inboard Adam Booth look whats he done for George Groves and David Haye I think Freddie Roach is overrated if Manny ever get in with Floyd he will get taken apart and stopped late in the fight. I think Adam Booth is a great with is tactics and could get Amir back to world level.

Posted 22:19 17th July 2012

David Byrne says...

Look, the elephant in the room, which everyone seems reluctant to address, is that Amir has everything a boxer needs, EXCEPT a good chin. The Sky panel mentioned his vulnerability but stopped short of stating the obvious. Once he gets in with top fighters who can punch he's in trouble. Even in fights he won against top rated fighters, such as Maidana, he was in all sorts of trouble at times during the fight. Garcia was just waiting to happen. You really cannot train to get a better chin and talk of him moving up to Welterweight where he will meet harder punchers is foolish. Garcia's father even mentioned his chin in his post fight comments. I really like Amir and his fighting spirit and I am sure he does not want to go out on a defeat like this and so, despite Glenn's advice I am sure he will fight on. I just hope that he doesn't end up becoming cannon fodder for big hitters who will be well aware of his poor chin.

Posted 21:59 17th July 2012

Jonathan Dunn says...

Should he retire or not? Has he still got much to offer? Was it a lucky shot Garcia landed? All very subjective points. One things for sure Amir is not as good as he thinks he is and that is where the problem lies. All the boxing ability in the world but totally the wrong attitude. Same as the before the Peterson fight he was talking about other opponents (Mayweather) just days before facing an unbeaten world champion (Garcia), and I find that amazing. Amir has become transfixed in fighting Manny and Floyd, what he doesn't realize is that you have to earn those fights by beating the garcias and petersons. You dont just get to be top boy coz you THINK your the best. Couple this with his attitude, constant excuses, slating of Froch, questioning Freddie Roach's role, being a 'superstar', always demanding a rematch after a defeat - it just all points to shear arrogance and his team really need to slap this out of him or he is finished. A rematch with Garcia ???? Please! He flattened you in 4 rounds, took your belt and is moving on to better things. Amir expects a rematch because why???? because hes AMIR KHAN. Dont retire, carry on, but please change your attitude, do it now before you end up the next presenter of ringside!

Posted 21:03 17th July 2012

Steven Duddy says...

Cudnt agree more,amir is surrounded by people filling his head that he is better than he is, to talk about mayweather is ridiculous,khan hasnt got a defense,pure and simple,against maidana he was simply running away around the ring ,there is a difference between being defensive and simpy running away,nobody can deny that he isnt up for taking punches at this weight never mind light-welter,he constantly ignores roachs instructions and like glenn says is always goin to be 1 big punch away from a proper knock-out (damage) amir knows now he hasnt got a chin but most importantly so does all his future opponents,garcia knew that he would land and wen he did it would be a game changer,hes all too predictable now and should quit when hes ahead,anybody saying he shouldnt retire,wat happens if he fighths brook in september and gets badly beaten again?? what will they say then ??

Posted 20:37 17th July 2012

Paul Bevan says...

Boxing used to be about winning and losing. Coming back after losses. It seems these days when a fighter has a couple of losses they are all of a sudden candidates for retirement. Khan lost, it happens. I don't think he should retire, instead I think he should concentrate more on what he needs to do to become a champion again. I dont think Khan has as much money as everyone thinks. He has never had a super fight like a Haye vs Klitschko or Hatton vs Mayweather. He probably has a couple of million but thats not enough to live in champagne and truffles for the next 60 years. He will carry on and do what he has spent most of his life doing, overcoming doubters, obstacles and odds to come back and win.

Posted 12:03 17th July 2012

Barrie Mort says...

He's 25 years old. Why in this World would he retire?! If he did retire, what would he be remembered for?? Getting knocked out by Danny Garcia and then running away from boxing because he didn't have the courage to come back. I think he should change trainers as the tactics employed left him to open and vulnerable. He seems to be using the same 'tactic' for each fight, so its therefore easy to know what he's going to do. I think he should come back with a rematch against Breidis Prescott. If he wins that then it will put that demon to bed. He can move on from there.

Posted 08:18 17th July 2012

David Ishola says...

If Amir Khan carries on, which i fully expect him to, then he needs to be realistic in where he is in terms of star power and standing within the boxing game. Regardless of what he believes he isn't anywhere near the level of Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao or even Andre Ward, Juan Manuel Marquez, Saul Alvarez, Miguel Cotto or Nonito Donaire. What Amir Khan needs to do is go back to the beginning and move up to Welterweight but start with Kell Brook and stay in England for a while away from all the spotlight and press in America where he is over hyped and overrated. He needs to fight Kell Brook, Victor Ortiz, Paulie Malignaggi again, Randall Bailey, Devon Alexander and Josesito Lopez and then move on to Timothy Bradley but if he struggles with the first group then he should give it up because he will never be an elite fighter if he can't past those first.

Posted 23:29 16th July 2012

Carl Bateson says...

I must say i am totally shocked at people even suggesting that Amir retires, He got hit with a shot that was thrown without any thought cos Garcia didnt have a clue what to do with his speed and talent, granted he made massive mistakes like standing and trading with a fighter who is known to have power and often has this macho streak in him that he needs to contain but surely that must be the trainer that has to rain that in, My self would suggest a good few months break come back home find a full time trainer e.g Floyd Mayweather Snr has said he would love to train him and come back with a maybe a rematch as khan was in total control before he got caught or look at a fight with Ortiz or even a second fight for a title against Malignaggi and see where we go his 25 and majorly talented give him a break he got caught with a stupid shot that he has even admitted himself i will bak Khan all the way

Posted 21:42 16th July 2012

Paul Corr says...

Glenn outstanding as usual.Dont bin Jonny yet as you 2 and Barry Mc truly are fabulous to watch and listen too.I was in Eston that glorious night big fella and we still talk about us Boro lads screaming for you to win the belt

Posted 20:47 16th July 2012

Tom Simpson says...

I do believe Amir has unfinished business in boxing and although i'm not a professional if I were in his shoes then i'd certainly want to snag all three of the major belts and beat Garcia in a rematch but Amir needs to stop seeing himself as a superstar and calling out Mayweather; he's had an eye on the Michigan native prior to his last two defeats and whilst I don't believe that overlooking Peterson and Garcia was the reason for being defeated, it's certainly not won him any additional fans. I personally think he needs some time off before steadily rebuilding, working hard as ever and importantly, being smart; W. Klitschko admits himself he hasn't got the best of chins but he makes up for that in other areas and if Khan were to use his legs more then I've no doubt he could do the same. Great blog as ever Glenn, from a lad from your neck of the woods!

Posted 18:22 16th July 2012

Glenn Hudson says...

The Mayweathers constantly repeat that "boxing is a thinking man's game" and thats where Amir falls down. He ignores the worlds best coaching.. and common sense, to prove hes got heart, even if it means losing a fight- that should of been a cakewalk with his speed. My bet was placed on Garcia the minute Amir Khan claimed he would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr, he had become as ignorant to his weaknesses as seemingly everyone in the media had. The fact he PROMISED to knock Garcia out did nothing but encourage me that my bet was so well placed, I should also risk one on Chisora.. never mind! Great blog by a great fighter.

Posted 17:47 16th July 2012

Tommy Lawrence says...

This is a great read from Glen, i slighlty disagree with this blog, i belive that Khan should still fight on, learn from his mistake, i.e trying to fight fire with fire and come back a wiser boxer.. Khan is still young in boxing terms and belive he can learn, as the punch he took would have k.o'd most. so its nothing to do with his chin. just one of them things.. he has a lot more to offer the sport and a fight with Kel Brook would be great motivation for Khan to come back... Then again, i have never got in the ring, so i dont know what it is like to take these types of punches.

Posted 17:29 16th July 2012

Mohammed Gill says...

I think Khan's way to young and talented to retire now. He got hit by a shot that would have ko'd most fighters so lets not get carried away. Boxing wise garcia couldnt even get close to khan so i think khan just needs to box properly and take hes time by using hes jab and reach and speed advantage. Also Freddie needs to go now because he thinks khan is pacquiao and can just jump on people. Khan is a boxer and manny is a fighter. Two competely different things but can both work for different people. Amir should start each fight with the intention of boxing for 12 rounds and schooling the opposition as maywether does. Use your reach to keep the opponent away and your speed to land your shots. Wear the opponent down and the late stoppages will come by themselves. Best thing for Khan now would be to find a new trainer and have 3/4 fights against slightly lesser opponents to practise 12 rounds of pure boxing and no slugging. Remember Manny made freddie not the other way around. Also, Alex Ariza needs to come back and continue the good conditioning work he did with Khan to take him from being a boy to becoming a man. The sparring needs to be very precise and against guys who come forward and attack hes body and punch hard. This way Khan can learn to use hes jab properly and learn how box without getting involved. A full time, fully dedicated trainer can ensure that no bad habits are bought up in training e.g when khan was going toe to toe with the bigger amateur fighter in training when freddie was away for a week. Amir Khan does not need to be embarrassed as he has acheived plenty and will continue to do so for a long time to come. He is blessed with great boxing attributes and should ignore all those 2nd rate english fighters who are just jealous Khan makes more from 1 fight then they do from their entire fighting careers.

Posted 16:30 16th July 2012

Keith Adam says...

Why should he retire! He is clearly still a world class boxer and got unlucky on the night just because he got stopped by the referee coming in and waving it off not by Amir Khan's inability to fight on!! It doesn't mean he should retire you all forget his only 25yo's he's still very young and I believe with hard work and dedication he will get back on top of this sport and he will topple those two muppets Angel and Danny Garcia.

Posted 16:12 16th July 2012

Mo Amar says...

Must say I agree with you Glenn. Of course there are many more people saying Amir can go on and win titles again, and they're right, but as you have written, what would be the point? We know what Amir can do in the ring, against the right people with the right tactics he is outstanding, but it seems that when he gets hurt, his body takes it very badly, much worse than other fighters who are knocked down/out. Even if he reinvents his style and plays it safe behind the jab and winning on points (a la Mayweather etc) , all it takes is one big shot and he could end up with more long term damage. He's earned a good living, and I'm sure he could carry on as a presenter since he has the charisma and personality to shine in that type of role. Unfortunately, between his pride and all of the yes men around him who depend on him for their living, plus promoters trying to milk him for whatever else they can get, I can only see him carrying on. I wish him all the best in life and health whatever he decides.

Posted 15:28 16th July 2012

Jimmy Bob says...

love reading your blog glenn keep up the good work. i would like to see kahn stay in boxing, get himself a full time trainer not the part time one roach is, lets face it he's mannys coach. Completely agree though he goes up in weight he's going to face the same problems, unless he changes his style and stops trying to fight people and impress, look after number 1 and do what you need to to WIN, not try and look good doing it.many of mayweathers wins have been boring fights with crowd booing, does any1 remember them now? no cos he won! with rgards to the brook fight, again i agree, it's the only logical fight which would create interest. for the record, i think kell would be to clever for him, kahn cannot help himself and would stay in range to long. On saturday kahn again let his heart rule his head and let angel garcia lure him into trying to ko danny therefore staying in range and allowing garcia to sit down and deliver a basic check hook, backing up angels claims that kahn cant punch, as garcia was more than willing to take a shot to get his own home.Glenn, you didnt say who you thought would win between kell and kahn if they do fight? who you got?

Posted 15:24 16th July 2012

Mark Holmes says...

Regretfully for Amir I have to agree with Glenn that it might be time to call it a day. Like Nigel Benn, Amir is thought of as having above average skills but a seriously suspect jaw.In reality this was a very unfair criticism. The first knockdown on Khan would have felled any fighter of that weight range and would have knocked |Khan out cold had it been flush. The problem is where does he go now? Amir simply does not have the skills or defense to deal with Mayweather and an on form pac man would knock him out early.I believe Amir will continue to be a great ambassador for the sport but with a beautiful fiancee and money in the bank, beleive its time to leave the ring behind.

Posted 14:21 16th July 2012

C Laughton says...

Great blog Glenn, nice to hear it from a boxers point of view especially after initialling thinking Carl Froch was winding him up. I think there is too much boxing talent in him at 25 to just walk away, however I have never taken a hit as you have, if you think a few more could cause him possible long term damage...well, then it is no-brainer. I think he would comfortably beat Kell Brook IF he boxes and doesn't do what he did on Saturday and try and go toe-toe in reaction to getting hit. P.s Garcia's Dad is an absolute ledge looking forward to seeing more of him!

Posted 14:03 16th July 2012

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