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Bisping warms up for his latest fight with a spot of acting

Michael Bisping Posted 1st October 2010 view comments

As professional fighters, we dedicate our lives to the sport which ultimately defines our future. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about fighting.

I'm either training, dieting, preparing, talking about it, reading about it, dreaming about it or actually doing it. Mixed martial arts consumes my life and sometimes it's difficult getting away from it.

Jennifer Metcalfe: a member of the Hollyoaks cast, along with Michael

Jennifer Metcalfe: a member of the Hollyoaks cast, along with Michael

Since beating Dan Miller in May, I've been lucky enough to fill my time trying my hand at other activities, alongside training for my next fight.

I meet Yoshihiro Akiyama on October 16 at UFC 120, and, shortly after that, fans in Britain will get another chance to see my mug - only this time a million miles away from the UFC's Octagon.

Some of you will already know - and some won't - but I recently filmed some episodes for Hollyoaks Late Night. Some people will laugh at it, but the storyline is fantastic and I'm proud to be a part of it. I can't say too much about the plot, but it comes on our screens on October 25.

Fighting is in the blood and is something that has got me where I am today. I'll continue fighting until my body no longer allows me to do it. In between fights, for a bit of extra money and to keep my mind active, I'll do the odd bit of acting here and there.

Michael Bisping
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I play a bit of a bad guy in it and get involved in a spot of kidnapping and wotnot. It's pretty powerful stuff in places and I'm sure people will get a kick out of it. I really enjoyed doing it and I'm pleased I took the opportunity when it came my way.

It took three months to film, but fortunately the studio where it was filmed was only five minutes from the Wolfslair, so I was able to train a lot during that time. Thankfully, I didn't have to neglect my training too much or become too distracted.


I seemed to have a natural flair for acting and it's something I enjoy. There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline now and I'm interested in doing more.

First and foremost, though, I'm a fighter and that will never change. Fighting is in the blood and is something that has got me where I am today. I'll continue fighting until my body no longer allows me to do it. In between fights, for a bit of extra money and to keep my mind active, I'll do the odd bit of acting here and there. It's something I enjoy doing and something I'd like to pursue more seriously once my fighting career is done and dusted.

I'm becoming a bit of a natural in front of the camera now, thanks to all the stuff I've done with the UFC over the years. I've had some acting lessons, done well on Hollyoaks and, from what I hear, people in the know have been impressed with my work. I'm not getting carried away or anything, though - if something comes it comes. I'm interested in exploring all avenues that come my way, as this could be something else for me to do when my career is over.

Even if it isn't, it's still something to tell the kids when they get older. Fighting can sometimes take over and make you think about nothing else. All I ever think about, talk about and live for is fighting a lot of the time.

The only websites I look at are fighting websites and the only magazines I read are fighting magazines. Sometimes it's nice just to take a break from it all and try something different. Acting is also a massive challenge for me, and I'm always keen to approach new challenges. I remember the first time I went on set I was actually more nervous than I'd ever been when fighting...

Middleweight star Michael 'The Count' Bisping locks horns with Japanese hero Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 120 on Saturday, October 16, in London

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Calum King says...

Good luck, Michael. I have followed your career ever since you burst on the scene on TUF. I''''ll be at the O2 to cheer you and the other UK fighters on.

Posted 16:12 7th October 2010

Bobby Crush says...

Bisping a future champ ? Never in a million years,he''s not even a serious contender,as for sky showing events,i''d rather keep things as they are as if the viewing figures are good it''ll end up on box office.

Posted 13:36 4th October 2010

Michael Roberts says...

i think its quite clear that Bisping couldn''t act to save himself. did anyone see his last attempt in the movie (tapout advertisement) "Beatdown"? Im sick of these fighters appearing in movies when its quite clear their abilities are best suited in the cage/ring.

Posted 13:12 4th October 2010

Russ Bithell says...

I agree, about Sky getting on the UFC bandwagon, the UFC fighters, commentators and fans are all so dedicated to a sport and way of life that promotes good and the correct way of living over cheating, drugs and gangstars. Bisping is one of my heroes and I wish him all the best for UFC 120 and his future in general. More of the same please Sky

Posted 12:27 4th October 2010

Bobby Crush says...

Ferg are you having a laugh mate ? Bisping a future champ ? He''ll never be good enough to even get a shot at a division title ! As for hoping the events get shown on sky,whats wrong with the way things are,a big audience on sky sports will only mean a move to sky box office.

Posted 12:24 4th October 2010

David John says...

"Worlds most interesting sport?" Whats interesting about two grown men spooning each other for 15 minutes? I really don''t see the appeal, nothing happens, they roll around there''s a load of struggling ones on top then vice versa and then suddenly its over. Not taking away there dedication but it just doesn''t do it for me

Posted 19:54 3rd October 2010

Mark Haime says...

agreed finaly sky sports covering some mma. and fingers crossed bisping comes up with the victory in london to put himself in the title picture or even better a rematch with leban!!

Posted 17:27 3rd October 2010

Zulu Smith says...

Bisping is not a future champ in any sense lol.

Posted 17:06 3rd October 2010

Allan Dickson says...

Great to see Sky finally give some love to the worlds most interesting and fast growing sports! Ive been a fan for years, the fighters really show up other sportsmen in just about every aspect especially on dedication and how they treat the fans best of luck Michael ill be cheering you on all the way!(maybe even in Hollyoaks!)

Posted 04:17 3rd October 2010

Ferg O''farrell says...

Great to see Sky finally pick up the UFC. Bisping is a future champ and let''s hope sky start showing the events soon.

Posted 22:04 2nd October 2010

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