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Georgie Thompson:

A Real superstar

Special Report gets up close and personal with CR7

Georgie Thompson Posted 2nd September 2011 view comments

Madrid - or rather an industrial estate about 10km outside of the Spanish capital.

It's not quite what I had in mind when I was assigned an interview with the world's most expensive footballer - but that's where my crew and I ended up meeting Cristiano Ronaldo.

I say industrial estate, but I mean a film set on an industrial estate. Whoever said making television was glamorous? It's not. Well, it wasn't until Ronaldo arrived and then everything changed.

There is something mesmerising about a star. I don't know if they are born with it or if they just accumulate it over time as their stock rises, but it's there, undeniably; an ability to silence a room just by walking into it. Cristiano Ronaldo can do that.

This is a man who wakes up in the morning wanting to be the best footballer in the world. This is what makes a star. How many of us can truly say that we set out to be the world's best at what we do when we wake up in the morning?

Georgie Thompson
Quotes of the week

Cristiano Ronaldo
7.30pm, Mon, Sky Sports News HD

There was a real buzz about the place when we arrived in the early hours to set up for the day's shoot and prepare to interview one of the biggest names in football.

The documentary team we were working alongside arrived on-site long before we did.

They had been hard at it through the night, rigging, lighting, testing equipment, doing dry runs and while this cast of hundreds was exhausted by the preparation behind such a project, they were beyond excited about meeting the subject of it.

And why wouldn't they be?

They were in place, as were we, to put Real Madrid's superstar player through his paces; their aim, to scientifically prove why Ronaldo is 'the complete footballer'.

Is it his pace, his technique, his skill, his speed, his accuracy and/or agility that sets him apart from the rest? A series of trials would reveal all and none of us could wait to see Ronaldo tried and tested under these lab-like conditions.

So there we all were, planning camera angles, looking at different interview locations and scoffing bacon butties when CR7 rocked up and shut us all up in an instant.


Super-tanned, sporting a slick quiff and his Real Madrid match kit he looked every inch the moneyed footballer he now is. He walked the walk, he talked the talk and he commanded the stage - in this case a synthetic grass football pitch - as well as any movie actor could or would.

Watching him smash a ball through a series of glass panels in order to prove the power of a single strike you could detect his frustration at not managing to break all in one go.

A second attempt put paid to the rest still standing after his first effort. He had redeemed himself. Phew! It was becoming clear as the day progressed that Cristiano is something of a perfectionist.

This is a man who wakes up in the morning wanting to be the best footballer in the world. This is what makes a star. How many of us can truly say that we set out to be the world's best at what we do when we wake up in the morning?

Sure, we'd all like to do our job well but to be the best at it in the world? That is something altogether very different and in the end what differentiates us from them; us normal folk from stars like Ronaldo and co.


In between takes and trials we snuck a few moments with Cristiano and he spent a decent chunk of his lunch break chit-chatting with me about stuff you'd expect to hear him talk about; Manchester United, Fergie, Mourinho.

But he was also open about his childhood and what his life was like before this other worldly fame found him.

I ended our interview by asking him who he believes is the best player on the planet. It was a bit unfair really because I reckon he thinks he is - but I wanted to hear him say it!

Instead, he chose to be diplomatic, or maybe he really does believe what he said. But I didn't buy it. In an otherwise flawless performance it was the least convincing I'd seen him all day.

You can make up your own mind and let me know...

To find out more join me on the Special Report, on Monday at 7.30pm on Sky Sports News HD channel 405. If you forget to Sky Plus our weekly report you can always catch it on Sky Anytime and follow me on twitter @officiallyGT.

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Sunny Singh says...

Football Is All About Opinions That's What makes it the best sport in the world! In My Opinion Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, he has dominated the best league in the world! His Goalscoring record is beyond phenomenal! He is a complete forward you can put him anywhere in the forward line and you guarantee goals! He combines his pace and agility with precision! He is the most complete footballer in the world. I'm Not Saying Messi is rubbish because that would be a lie, but I just don't think he is as good as Ronaldo! In My opinion Messi needs Xavi and Iniesta to play well. When you see Messi Play for Argentina he is a completely different player! There is nothing there! Ronaldo is leader for his club and country and a perfect Role-Model... That's what separates him for the rest!! Cristiano Ronaldo- Perfection!

Posted 11:50 6th September 2011

Craig Burrows says...

I've been following United since 1976 and Ronaldo is THE greatest player I've ever seen. He has it all, pace, power, control, good in the air, can take free kicks, penalty's. The complete player. Granted Messi is also a great player however, Ronaldo is the Best ever and I would welcome him back to Old Trafford with open arms. Viva Ronaldo. Legend, end of.

Posted 11:15 6th September 2011

Mark W says...

In another era he'd probably be the best in the world but Messi is on a different level entirely. "CR7" goes missing in big games all too often, whereas Messi thrives. Messi is the more natural footballer. C. Ronaldo doesn't have that natural technique and flair. His dribbling is almost choreographed. Messi's is second nature. I respect C. Ronaldo's drive, he has clearly worked very hard but Messi is the best. Ronaldo must have nightmares about the little Argentinian

Posted 09:50 6th September 2011

Zahed Ahmed says...

Ronaldo is by far the best he does not need the sympathy vote that messi gets over ronaldo for being a humble person. Ronaldo is a better player end of. He would offer twice as much than messi does at barca as he already does more or less the same as messi does at madrid all by himself and not with his team like messi does through xavi and iniesta

Posted 01:43 6th September 2011

Gerald Zondi says...

What else is Messi supposed to do to prove that he and not Ronaldo is the best footballer on the planet?He outshines him each time they meet.Has Ronado ever been voted the man of the match in a match that includes Messi.I give up.

Posted 20:11 5th September 2011

Ross Winton says...

Difficult to say anybody is 'the best footballer in the world'. For instance - Could Messi or Ronaldo do the job Pique does? The answer is no. No doubt about it though, in terms of attacking players CR is one of the worlds best, although behind Messi in my opinion.

Posted 16:32 5th September 2011

Paul Hilton says...

who cares? lets enjoy them both while we can! for what its worth, i would give it to ronaldo as the more complete footballer....messi has xavi and iniesta and the rest of the barcelona team, he doesn't shine too much when he plays for argentina, unlike maradona who lifted a team of journeymen and by force of will won them the world cup, also napoli he won them serie who is the greatest of all time, it is neither messi or ronaldo. i sincerely doubt messi would match ronaldo's goal average if they swapped teams, but ronaldo will score for any team.

Posted 12:50 5th September 2011

Alex Jay says...

Cristiano is the first player to ever score 40 goals in La Liga. And as great as Messi is, he still hasn't manage to do that with the assistance of Xavi AND Iniesta #justmakingapoint.

Posted 12:10 5th September 2011

Anthony Campbell says...

messi is by far the best player id say xavi and iniesta are better then ronaldo too there all big game players that win the big trophies. ronaldo is a amazing goal scoring machine but the other three have more to there game like controling massive games i.e the champions league final vs man utd.(my team)

Posted 09:27 5th September 2011

Sahil Sib says...

Ronaldi is the face of football and he is gonna b player of all time!

Posted 01:41 5th September 2011

Matty Henry says...

Viva ronaldo! Viva ronaldo! Put him on the plane bring him back from spain. Viva ronaldo!

Posted 08:49 4th September 2011

Kd7mufc Kd7mufc says...

He is the perfect Footballer. Yes Is he better than Messi? YES HE IS ! Barcelona's philosophy adds %20 to every player!

Posted 02:58 4th September 2011

Paul Garlandp says...

there's no doubting what a fantastic footballer he is but, there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance and he seems too have both feet the wrong side of the line, as long as messi is playing CR will always be second best in my mind.

Posted 22:58 3rd September 2011

Ryan Smith says...

Not the best! Messi is the best but not by much, I like Ronaldo more now than i did when he was at united, he used too go down so easily & really annoyed me, now he's cut it down a lot & gets on with his football & scores goals, If he's considered to be the greatest he needs too win trophies, so the best way to do that would try & get a move to Barcelona or Man City will be in with a shout in the future!

Posted 21:46 3rd September 2011

Ross Brennan says...

Greatest ever not even the best now. Messi is a class apart everytime they meet he outshines and outscores ronaldo. In the champions league where the worlds best are he scored 11 goals. Ronaldo failed to shine as he alwyas does against decent teams.

Posted 21:38 3rd September 2011

Tony S says...

"This is a man who wakes up in the morning wanting to be the best footballer in the world." And like every other footballer bar one, he fails.

Posted 19:00 3rd September 2011

Frank Coelho says...

The greatest... end of!

Posted 21:43 2nd September 2011

Rui Santos says...

Pure Class. Nothing Less than a finely tuned, Hard Working, Consistent Performance Day in Day Out. I Might be Biased because I'm Portuguese and a Big fan but I'm not shy to sing the praises of others too. I Hope we see another 10 Years of his Magic. Lucky us.

Posted 21:13 2nd September 2011

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