Matchpint and Sky Sports research reveals live sport Is ultimate business driver for pubs

MatchPint and Sky survey highlights value of sport for pubs, showing live sport is huge driver of customer loyalty.

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Image: According to the research, 94% of sports fans prefer the atmosphere of their local for watching live sport

In a recent survey conducted by MatchPint and Sky, 99% of sports fans said they would return to the same pub having watched live sport there.

The figure underlines the value of sport to landlords and how they can use it to encourage customer loyalty.

The same survey also revealed that 94% of sports fans prefer the atmosphere of their local for watching live sport.

The pub continues to provide a huge focal point for sports fans and the survey confirms that there is a massive opportunity for venues to use sport to make money.

According to the research, twice as many sports fans prefer to watch domestic football over European football at the pub. With the pull of domestic football leagues proving to be stronger than ever, Sky Sports pubs will have the chance to enjoy a fruitful few months by showing the pick of the action from the Premier League, EFL and SPFL Premiership.

David Rey, managing director of Sky Business, commented: "These latest stats confirm that live sport continues to play a huge part in driving footfall for many pubs.

"At Sky, we are committed to investing in the best content for our customers as well as focusing on helping them to both make and save money. With that in mind, we couldn't be more excited about the season ahead and the amazing line-up of Premier League, EFL, rugby, F1 and so much more."

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The domestic football season is now well underway and with many other sports scheduled to hit screens over the next few months, pubs can look forward to a packed new sporting season to help pull in customers and drive trade. Sky Sports venues will be able to take advantage of an unrivalled line-up of fixtures and events including international and domestic rugby, NFL, F1 and darts, as well as football.

"The research shows what we've felt for a long time," says Dominic Collingwood, co-founder of MatchPint. "Sport is the ultimate form of theatre - exhilarating, exasperating, and unpredictable.

"It's also a social leveller - fans from all backgrounds find a shared bond in the love of a team, whether it's England, Man Utd, or Tranmere Rovers.

"As the heart of local community, the pub is the ultimate place to take that all in, so it's no surprise to hear that almost everyone that watches sport in the pub and feels the emotion of watching their team, will come back again and again."

To help pubs promote the experience of watching live sport in their venue, MatchPint and Sky have released a video which landlords can download for free to share with their customers and encourage sports fans to visit their pub for the next game. The video can be viewed and shared for free at

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