Carabao launches #WeAreFemaleFans campaign to change perception of female football fans

Campaigner Harry Killen talks about the #WeAreFemaleFans campaign to change how female football fans are portrayed online

Carabao has combined with website 'This Fan Girl' to launch the #WeAreFemaleFans campaign to alter the perception of female football supporters.

The project is designed to highlight the over-sexualisation and misrepresentation of female football fans on the internet and promote a more diverse representation of them.

Harry Killen, who is working on the campaign, told Sky Sports News: "Often in big international competitions, you do get a lot of images and lists that really hyper-sexualise women.

"We decided to set up this campaign to show the real faces of the fans out there."

Female football fan

Anna Cooke, Carabao's brand manager, added: "The World Cup is in full swing and we have all seen how the cameras are focusing gratuitously on female fans in the crowd, with those images making their way online.

"Our campaign wants to tackle this and profile all female football fans, whatever their age, shape or size."

The campaign has attracted support from key figures within the football industry, including former England and Chelsea player Katie Chapman.

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She said: "All players come from a wide range of backgrounds, but I'm sure we'd all agree that we're football fans first and foremost.

"That's why I fully support Carabao's We Are Female Fans campaign as a fantastic step towards more diverse representation of female football."

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