Mohamed Salah poses with boy who broke his nose trying to see Liverpool forward

Mohamed Salah poses with 11-year-old Louis Fowler. Pic: Joe Cooper 1:31
Louis Fowler, 11, tells Sky Sports News about how he came to have a bloody nose while hoping to meet his Liverpool hero, Mohamed Salah (Pic: Joe Cooper)

Many sports fans would do anything to meet their heroes, but one football mad 11-year-old boy accidentally ended up with a bloody nose in his quest to get a glimpse of Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah.

Louis Fowler crashed into a lamp post as he and his brother Isaac, 10, ran to keep up with the striker's car and fell to the floor with a suspected broken nose on Saturday.

Salah, who scored in Liverpool's opening Premier League win on Friday, spotted that his young fan had got into difficulty, so circled back to check Louis was okay.

Louis' stepfather, Joe Cooper, told Sky News: "Whilst [we were] ringing an ambulance we saw Mo driving into the close having spotted Louis and following back to the close to check they were both okay.

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Highlights from Liverpool's 4-1 win over Norwich in the Premier League

"The kids were screaming with excitement as he got out of the car and Isaac went into hysterics and hugged him.

"Mo was very apologetic and caring and was really compassionate towards the boys and made them feel so much better."

Salah posed for a photo with each brother before young Louis was whisked off to be checked over at hospital.

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The boys' father said Louis and Isaac have spent their summer holidays hanging outside Melwood, Liverpool's training ground, "desperate to meet the heroes and get photos with them".

Mohamed Salah posed with Louis, right, and Isaac, left, after seeing the accident. Pic: Joe Cooper
Image: Mohamed Salah posed with Louis, right, and Isaac, left, after seeing the accident (Pic: Joe Cooper)

Both young boys "idolise" Salah, their father says, adding his son told him he would "do it all over again to meet his hero" - despite hospital staff warning he may have to have his nose reset.

Mr Cooper had a message for Salah, saying: "We wanted to say thank you to him from the bottom of our hearts as he made both of them feel much better."

He added: "Mo really is a top, top man. He is a global superstar and had no need to stop today, we're just so thankful he did."

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