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FA chairman Greg Dyke calls for possible Russia 2018 boycott

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Chief News Reporter Bryan Swanson brings you the latest from Zurich

FA chairman Greg Dyke has told Sky Sports News HQ that if Sepp Blatter wins Friday's FIFA presidential vote, he wants talks with the other UEFA nations about pulling out of the World Cup finals in Russia in three years' time.

Dyke is uncertain whether a unilateral boycott by England would be a realistic option but believes a pan-European approach would be more effective to bring about change at the top in football's world governing body.

He told Sky Sports News HQ: "There would be no point pulling England out if everyone else stays in. It would have no impact. It would just be forgotten.

"But if you could pull UEFA out, that might have an impact. If Blatter gets re-elected, then that should be discussed.

"I thought the evidence the Americans produced was devastating and I don’t think Blatter can survive that. He might survive this weekend but I don’t think he can survive in the long-term. During his period in charge, the level of corruption has been unacceptable. It's just frightening."

If you could pull UEFA out, that might have an impact. If Blatter gets re-elected, then that should be discussed.
Greg Dyke

Sky Sports News HQ reporter Bryan Swanson, who has been covering the week’s seismic events in Zurich, has revealed that UEFA delegates fear that the odds are heavily in favour of Blatter winning an historic fifth term as president.    

He said: “Publicly, UEFA officials have been saying that Prince Ali stands a real chance in the election but privately those officials have told us they would be surprised if Prince Ali beats Blatter.

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"What could be UEFA's so-called nuclear option?. They would like to discuss a number of alternatives as Michel Platini made clear in his press conference on Thursday. One option would be to sit down with the rest of the European nations and decide enough is enough.” 

With the result of the election expected later on Friday afternoon, sponsors have also turned up the heat on Blatter; Virgin chairman Sir Richard Branson even called on companies to ditch their ties with the world governing body.

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