Mohamed Salah: My best Liverpool goals and 2018 silverware ambitions

Mohamed Salah reveals his favourite goals for Liverpool and assesses his start to life at Anfield

Mohamed Salah has been one of the signings of the season in the Premier League, but what are his favourite goals for Liverpool?

The Egypt international has been a revelation for the Reds after joining from Roma in the summer, scoring 15 goals to top the Premier League scoring charts alongside Harry Kane at Christmas.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Salah talks us through his top 10 goals for Liverpool, assesses his start to life at Anfield, and discusses his ambitions for 2018...

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Debut goal - Watford 3-3 Liverpool

It was a great feeling for me to score in my first game for Liverpool. I was very happy. First of all I was thinking if it was a offside or not, but then I looked to the linesman and he said goal so I was very happy.

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Salah netted in his first Premier League game against Watford

First Premier League goal at Anfield - Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal

I always like to score in the big games. I like the way I scored this goal - the speed, on the counter-attack - and the result was good for us. I always like to score at Anfield, especially in these kind of games. I was thinking if someone was on the other side I would have passed, 100 per cent, but I was fast, maybe faster than anyone at that moment, so I took the decision to shoot. I missed some chances before, but this was good.

Watch Salah's goal against Arsenal

Burnley boost - Liverpool 1-1 Burnley

With the boss [Jurgen Klopp] now I play closer to the goal than I have with any other club. I am always in front of the goal and close to it so I can score. I expected the ball from Emre [Can], I made the run, got the ball, controlled it and it was a good finish also. The run is the kind of thing that the boss has always told me in training.

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Salah equalised for Liverpool in a 1-1 draw against Burnley

Lifeline at Wembley - Tottenham 4-1 Liverpool

I expected the ball from [Jordan] Henderson because he always likes to play this ball behind the centre-backs. The score was not good for us at the time as it was 2-0 to them, and I had to score. We had a bad start in the game - I don't want to say we were nervous but it was a bad start.

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I expected the ball and made the run and I want to shoot with my left foot but the ball was on my right foot and I was a little bit lucky, but in the end a goal is a goal. They scored two goals in 12 minutes at the start so it was not easy for us to accept that it was 2-0. It was a difficult game for us.

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Salah scored in a losing effort at Wembley

Southampton double - Liverpool 3-0 Southampton

I'm playing like a No 9 for the first goal. I am always changing with [Roberto] Firmino, that game I think we were playing like two strikers, so Firmino goes and the centre-back goes with him and then I go behind him. The quality of the players makes everything easier for me because we have great players in front, also at the back and in midfield. We have very good quality and they make it easier for me.

You can see the pass from [Philippe] Coutinho. He always tries to do that. He did in Sevilla and I missed it. He is magic and a great player. I am very happy to play alongside this kind of player. Firmino, Coutinho, Sadio [Mane], Ox [Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain], Dom [Dominic Solanke], Studge [Daniel Sturridge]; they are all fantastic.

I am always trying to improve and see my weakness and work on it.
Mohamed Salah

With the second goal, sometimes I take the corner, sometimes it is Coutinho. We are not fighting for it, but I took it and then Firmino reacts very quickly. I get the ball from Gini [Wijnaldum] and I took the decision to shoot.

I am always trying to improve and see my weakness and work on it. I am always trying to score from many different ways in training and alone in training afterwards, the coaches help me a lot to do that. I have to try that in the game. You cannot score 10 goals from 10 shots, that's impossible, but I am trying. I miss many chances but I always keep trying and sometimes you score easy goals or difficult goals, but in the end I am trying to score.

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Watch Salah's double against Southampton

Super sub - Stoke 0-3 Liverpool

It was too cold in Stoke! But this game was special. I was on the bench and then come on and score two goals to help the team with a good result. Sadio scored the first goal and the second goal for me he did everything. He played a great ball and then I took the decision to volley and it was a good finish, but Sadio did everything for that goal.

Sadio and myself are very close, maybe he is my closest friend in the team. He is a great guy, fantastic player and very fast, with quality and confidence. I am very happy to share everything with him.

Salah netted twice after coming off the bench against Stoke

Derby delight - Liverpool 1-1 Everton

The first derby was special for me and it was a very good goal. I get the ball from Joe [Gomez] and it was a nice skill and nice finish. I am sure if someone was in a better position I would pass the ball but in the end I want to score and help the team to get the points. You can see the reaction of the fans, it's very nice!

They are a good team but we were unlucky to lose two points in that game.

Watch highlights of Liverpool's draw with Everton

Cherry on top - Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool

In this game I missed two or three chances before, but in my mind I always want to score to help the team, not for personal goals, but to get points, to help the team achieve something and win something. In that game I was happy because it was 2-0 and then I scored the third goal.

I like the run I did and the boss asks us to do that all the time. We work on different tactics and I like to score in different ways. The Everton goal was different to this and I am trying different ways to score and help the team win.

Salah scored in Liverpool's 4-0 win over Bournemouth

Salah on…

How quickly did you settle in at Liverpool? At the beginning when I signed for Liverpool it was a bit different to Rome. But soon I knew what the coach wanted from me and the quality of players makes everything easier for me. From the first day I knew what I wanted to do and I scored goals in the pre-season so I had a good start.

What's the togetherness like in the team? Anyone in the team can score and everyone will run to him because we are happy for each other. You can see that. We all want to score but in the end if someone is in a better position then they will give the ball. In the end we play for the team.

Did you expect to score so many goals? Honestly, yes. I always say nothing is by luck. You work, you expect more and you will get what you deserve.

I came here to win titles. To win something for the club, for us, for the fans. I would love to win something here. We are working hard every day to win something and I am sure we will this year.
Mohamed Salah's ambitions for 2018

Favourite goal? The goal against Southampton was good and Everton I like a lot. Watford was a special moment too. It was a good feeling to start with a goal in the Premier League and I wanted to do it in the first game. But it has to be Everton because I am using everything for this goal - power, skill, finishing. That's my best goal so far.

Ambitions for 2018? I am always saying I want to win titles here. I came here to win titles. To win something for the club, for us, for the fans. I would love to win something here. We are working hard every day to win something and I am sure we will this year.

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