RYAN GIGGS has warned Liverpool and England man Michael Owen that he will always face hamstring problems.

Giggs is no stranger to the devastating injury, admitting that the prospect of another debilitating pull is never far from his mind, and that he sympathises with Owen.

"By the very nature of the way he plays, Michael is always going to be vulnerable to the injury," said Giggs.

"Any player who uses speed and twists and turns sharply is going to suffer to a degree.

"I have had to accept over time that I will never overcome the injury completely, and my problems bear a striking similarity to those Michael is experiencing.

"I reached a point where I would leave no stone unturned if I felt it would help.

"I knew there was a link between the injury and my back so I had to consider, under expert advice, getting rid of certain cars I drove and the bed I slept in.

"You get to the point where you're in total despair. I know Manchester United were as concerned as I was, and I imagine the same goes for Michael and Liverpool.

"But there is no quick fix. Nowadays, under strict supervision, I undergo a series of training exercises that specifically deal with the problem and, touch wood, I've had fewer problems than I've had in the past.

"Regaining your fitness can cause its own problems because you tend to be playing catch-up all the time. Once you're out for a month or so it's extremely difficult to regain the momentum.

"And of course, once the hamstring is weakened over a period of time you're always likely to pick up similar injuries.

"The cold weather doesn't help because the pitches are so hard. Most of my injuries have been sustained in the winter.

"I can only sympathise with Michael, but you just have to get through it as best you can.

"Ultimately there is no answer to the injury - you just have to learn to live with it."

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