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Liverpool fans face Champions League final travel disruption

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The managing director of Worldchoice Holidays, Shay Soni, says he was powerless to prevent flights to Kiev for the Champions League final from being cancelled.

Up to 1,000 Liverpool supporters look set to miss the Champions League final after their flights to Kiev were cancelled.

A travel company has confirmed that they have cancelled three flights which were due to take Liverpool fans to Ukraine.

The flights, one due to leave on Friday and two on Saturday have been arranged by World Choice Sports of Widnes and a spokesperson for the Company has said they will give supporters full refunds as soon as possible.

The Mayor of Liverpool office, Joe Anderson, says he is in discussion with the Mayor of Kiev, former boxer Vitali Klitschko, in an attempt to rectify the situation.

Shay Soni, managing director of Worldchoice Holidays said: "Over the last 48 hours I have gone to hell and back, I have gone to the ends of the earth to try and get these flights going.

"We have major issues with getting slots at Kiev airport even though we put in for the slots at the right time.

"We have got to the point where we can't do anymore. We have gone through every channel we can.

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"We have tried very hard to try and get our fans over there but have got to the point where we can not keep them waiting any longer.

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Liverpool's Mayor Joe Anderson and the Mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, are trying to organise alternative arrangements for the fans.

"We have given them a chance to find an alternative way there if they can and we promise to give a full refund of all the money paid to us."

In a statement, Liverpool Football Club said they "are continuing to work with all of the relevant stakeholders in the UK and Ukraine.

"Along with officials from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Liverpool City Council, UEFA and the authorities in Kiev, Liverpool FC have been endeavouring to resolve the issue since it first came to light and will continue to do so until all avenues have been exhausted."

Around 4,000 Reds fans had been expected to fly from Liverpool to Kiev over the next few days for Saturday's final against holders Real Madrid, with some chartering private jets.

Mo Salah and Jurgen Klopp, Roma v Liverpool, Champions League
Image: Liverpool take on 12-time winners Real Madrid in Kiev on Saturday

UEFA confirmed on Thursday that Liverpool will not be given 1,000 tickets that have been returned by Madrid.

Liverpool have complained to UEFA after their fans have faced spiralling accommodation and travel costs for fans trying to attend the game.

"They just don't have the airport infrastructure and the hotel capacity to cope with an event of this size and there isn't another major city within real hitting distance of it," Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore told the Liverpool Echo newspaper.

"It's not only affected Liverpool fans but Real Madrid fans too. There will be lessons learned from this. Rest assured, I've raised this at the highest levels of UEFA."

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