El Hadji Diouf has slammed Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard as being 'selfish'

Image: El Hadji Diouf: Launched a stinging attack on Steven Gerrard, accusing his former Liverpool team-mate as selfish

El Hadji Diouf has launched a stinging attack on former Liverpool team-mate Steven Gerrard, accusing him of being 'selfish' and 'unloved' by other Reds players.

Diouf also rejected claims that he is a bad boy, but admits he has done things that he now regrets. "I have done things but others have done worse," added Diouf. "I am an easy target, people talk about me no matter what. "Okay, I have hurt people and I regret that. But I have never been to prison, I have never injured anyone on the pitch. "After people gave me the 'bad-boy' image, I had to deal with it. Bad boy? It makes me laugh. "It doesn't bother me. I prefer that people talk about me, whether good or bad. I leave my mark wherever I go."

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