Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers says Luis Suarez must apologise to squad

Image: Luis Suarez: Training alone

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers insists Luis Suarez must apologise to the club and his team-mates before he can return to training with the rest of the squad.

Speaking on Friday, Arsene Wenger confirmed Arsenal will respect Liverpool's decision if they choose not to sell Suarez. Wenger said: "There is nothing to add to what I said already about the transfer of Suarez. "If it will be done, it will be done in a respectful and amicable way with Liverpool. "I didn't read (Henry's) statements but we'll be faithful to the way we want to behave. "To make a transfer happen, you need the agreement of three parties - the buyer, the seller and the player. "We know what we want to do. The player, if I look at the statements, (does) as well. Liverpool at the moment do not agree. If they change their minds or not, I don't know. We'll respect that." Former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness, meanwhile, told Sky Sports News that Suarez should show Liverpool "loyalty" and remain at Anfield for at least another season. "I think he does [owe Liverpool] and everyone in their correct mind would see it like that," said Souness, who won three European Cup titles as a player with Liverpool. "I think back to the T-shirts at Wigan when he got himself in real bother and the Ivanovic situation last season - the board have stood by him, the club have stood by him and the manager has stood by him. "You would like to think a bit of common sense and loyalty would prevail but that doesn't appear to be the case. Sky Bet have now made Suarez odds-on to stay at Liverpool for the first time since the striker indicated his desire to leave the club. Sky Bet's Chris Spicer said: "It's one of the most surprising shifts we've had this summer as we've been sure Suarez would force a move ever since he hinted at wanting a move back in May, with the odds on him staying being as long as 3/1."

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