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Van Persie waits on rape charge

Robin van Persie will learn on Wednesday if he is to remain in custody.

Robin van Persie will learn on Wednesday if he is going to be held in custody for a further 14 days following rape allegations levelled at the Arsenal youngster.

The 21-year-old, recently capped for the Dutch international side, was arrested in Rotterdam on Monday night after being accused of a sex attack.

With an investigation into the alleged incident now under way the Rotterdam authorities must decide on Wednesday whether to continue the case against the former Feyenoord man.

"He was arrested on Monday, he is at least going to be in custody until tomorrow," said prosecution spokeswoman Jei Chen de Graaf.

"On Tuesday, we will decide if we are going to hold him for longer, although strictly speaking we do have three days. The investigation is in full motion right now.

"He is now a suspect and, according to the findings of the investigation, if we want to hold him for longer than three days we have to ask a judge, and then he could be held for a further 14 days."

If convicted van Persie could face up to 12 years in jail, although the player's lawyer appeared to be confident of clearing his client's name.

Speaking on Dutch television Abraham Moszkowicz said he expected van Persie to be released in the near future and pleaded the striker's innocence.

"The fact that he is locked up does not mean that they have a case against him. And I don't say that lightly," Moszkowicz told NOS.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Van Persie is released quickly.

"I know the class of the young lady concerned - how, I can't tell you - and I put large question marks around the truth content of her story."

Van Persie had something of a reputation for misdemeanours in Holland before making his mark with The Gunners, and Oranje boss Marco van Basten had only recently hailed the youngster's progression before the serious allegations came to light.

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