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Dempsey almost reduced to tears

Image: Clint Dempsey: Found it hard to believe during low moments of transfer saga

Clint Dempsey has revealed how his protracted exit from Fulham left him close to tears, but now he aims to be a success at Tottenham.

Deadline day drama was not fun for American international

Clint Dempsey has revealed how his protracted exit from Fulham left him close to tears, but now he aims to be a success at Tottenham. The Unites States international did not feature in Fulham's early games with a move to Liverpool expected to go through. But a deal for the 29-year-old could not be agreed and a £6million move to White Hart Lane was only finalised with moments to spare on transfer deadline day. Dempsey hopes to put the whole saga behind him but admits it was a testing time. He told Sports Illustrated: "I just remember calling my wife and my mom and almost wanting to break down in tears because it was a tough time. "Going into that last day and night there were still a lot of question marks. It wasn't clear-cut this was going to happen. "Some other things came up and you are going through that struggle, which was not fun for anybody.


"It was difficult for Fulham and for me, not knowing how it's going to end. "It's just about having that faith, holding onto hope that something was going to happen that both parties were going to be happy with. "In the end that was accomplished, but the deal didn't get done until right about 9pm, and that was when a fee was agreed. "But then you had to look at all the logistics, trying to get to Tottenham's training ground, trying to make sure all the paperwork was through, doing the medical, signing the contract and having everything sent back before the deadline at 11. "Everything was sent through at like 10:58, so you're there, but you're still like: 'Is this official yet?'." Asked to clarify whether he had gone on strike at Fulham, Dempsey said: "I did not refuse to play. There were some things that were said that were not true."
The American was Fulham's top scorer last season with 23 goals, but is now looking forward to proving himself all over again under the guidance of Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas. "It's an opportunity for me to play three more years guaranteed at such a high level and gives you an opportunity to see where you are and if you can make it," Dempsey added. "For me, it's always been about being able to look myself in the mirror and say: 'You tried your best. You challenged yourself'. "And you'll be able to die a happy man in the sense of your career, knowing that you were able to see if you could do it or not'. "It is a gamble you take when you make a move to a new team. You don't know where you're going to fit in exactly. You don't know how you're going to gel. "It will be interesting to see where I will fit in because I don't know what his plans are in that sense. "I have to show him where I am at, obviously, and he will see what the best fit will be."

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