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Hugo Lloris insists there are no issues with Tottenham coach Andre Villas-Boas

Image: Hugo Lloris: France captain says he is adapting well at Tottenham

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris insists that Andre Villas-Boas did want him at Tottenham and has rubbished claims of any unrest between the duo.


And Lloris remains adamant that he is happy to have made the move to White Hart Lane. "To me it was an important choice, a new adventure, a new culture. Indeed I expected to leave [France] much earlier, but you cannot master that as a player," he said. "I came at the last minute and a team was already set. I came to improve. Indeed, I have a status in France but I will have to show it when I will have the opportunity to play, and I think everything will go back to normal soon. "When you came in a new universe, you have to prove yourself and that is logical. Things will come naturally, I won't force them. I expected that, because England remains a specific culture. Englishmen want to see you play on their pitches before judging you. But that questioning is fine to me." Lloris admits that he is already finding the game in England more physical, but he is happy with that. "There are more contacts on the keepers, the game is much faster, and there are more opportunities," he said. "There are a lot of contacts indeed, but if I have to undergo some blows I will take them, I am prepared for that."

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