Exclusive: Tottenham's Emmanuel Adebayor understands why West Ham loan was blocked

Emmanuel Adebayor
Image: Emmanuel Adebayor: Time to move on

Emmanuel Adebayor has told Sky Sports News HQ that he can understand why Tottenham blocked a deal with West Ham United on Deadline Day.

He has also responded to the booing aimed his way by sections of the Spurs support following a home defeat by Stoke in November, saying his post-match comments were ‘twisted’ by journalists.

Adebayor did not feature for two months after the 2-1 defeat by Stoke until making his return in the 2-1 win over Sunderland on 17 January.

The striker stayed at White Hart Lane during the transfer window despite a late offer from West Ham; chairman Daniel Levy was understood to be unwilling to help a rival for a top-four finish by subsidising the player’s salary.

Adebayor said: "Everything happened in the last 48 hours although the window was open for a month. The club decided to send me out on loan which I was pleased with.

“There were five good clubs who were interested and I narrowed that down to three and then one that I wanted to go. But Mr Levy was against that because it was a rival club. So I am staying here, and I am happy to stay at the club and do my job.”

After the game I was a little upset about the way we played and everything
Emmanuel Adebayor

As to the fans' response after the 2-1 loss to Stoke, when it was suggested that Adebayor preferred to play away from White Hart Lane, he insists his comments were misinterpreted and he still craves their support.

"I am very sad about the booing but we lost a game against Stoke City at home which I was very not very pleased about.  If you play for Tottenham you want to finish in the top four so, no disrespect to Stoke, but we should have beaten them.

“After the game I was a little upset about the way we played and everything and I spoke to some of the journalists and I gave them some answers and they twisted it.

"Most of the fans believe what they read and I came out clearly and said I did not mean to hurt anyone because at the end of the day I understand how much they pay to come and watch.

"A player playing with confidence is better than a player playing with doubt in his head. If anyone thinks I am not appreciative of their support then that is a lie. They are the ones that make me run more, that make me want to score goals. Saluting a goal in front of the fans is one of the most beautiful moments in a player's life.

"They had a bad interpretation of what the journalist put in but I think we have to forget those things and we have to move on."

Adebayor was also keen to express his thanks to Mauricio Pochettino after the Tottenham head coach allowed him to return to Africa for personal reasons at the beginning of December.

He said: "I was out of action for a year but it’s only for a week or 10 days that I went back home to sort out some family issues.

"I went to Africa to talk to some people I needed to talk to – then I came back but then I was sick and injured as well. For some people who don’t see me on the TV for long it must seem longer – but it only took me a week or so to go home and sort out my problem."

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