Frank Ribery wants to stay at Bayern Munich for the rest of his career

Bayern Munich's French midfielder Franck Ribery (L) applauds after the German Cup DFB football match
Image: Franck Ribery: Feels at home in Munich

Franck Ribery has revealed he would like to finish his career at Bayern Munich, and is even considering applying for German citizenship.

Ribery won the Champions League title with Bayern in 2013 and has won both the German Cup and Bundesliga title four times, with Munich on course to claim a fifth German league title.

The ex-France international has played for Bayern since 2007 and admitted that he feels at home in Munich, and is not considering moving on before he has to hang up his boots.

Bayern Munich celebrate Franck Ribery's goal
Image: Bayern Munich are on course for another title

“I can imagine staying in Munich after the end of my career,” Ribery told BILD.

"I have bought a very nice house, I feel good here and I like the mentality.

"My children are doing well at school, they have German friends.

"My son Saif was born here, he may even one day play for Germany."

Ribery, who turns 32 in April, says his decision whether or not to apply for German citizenship will be because of his family and "the future".

"My eldest daughter Hiziya always makes fun of my German, and I laugh with her," Ribery added.

"I did not learn the language in school, but in my daily life, from other people."

Ribery is one of the few foreign players comfortable with being interviewed in German live on air after Bundesliga matches and has a reputation for being the joker in the Bayern squad.

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