Liverpool's win over Man City doesn't decide the title, they'll be plenty more twists and turns, says Kammy

Image: Reds relief: Steven Gerrard leads the Liverpool celebrations

The fans inspired the Liverpool players on Sunday and everyone was inspired by the occasion. You could really see that at Anfield.

Cottagers dig to victory
The great escape is certainly on at Fulham. I was at the game on Saturday and they were in a situation where they had to dig in for a result because Norwich were the better team. Once Fulham scored they showed grit and determination that they haven't shown in previous times I've seen them. They looked compact and hard to break down. It went from Norwich opening them up for most of the game to them struggling to get through.
Marshall helps Cardiff come up trumps
Fulham's keeper David Stockdale pulled out some brilliant saves to keep his team in the game but Cardiff's stopper David Marshall did the same against Southampton. We all know how good he's been this season, at times he's been overworked but he's come up trumps. Cardiff may be still be in the relegation zone but I don't think anybody is down and out of the league yet. Even Sunderland, if they win their games in hand, which looks unlikely, are right back in the pack. It's the same as at the top; down the bottom there are going to be loads of twists and turns between now and the end of the season.
Tottenham dressing room must be difficult
You could say Spurs conceded some bad goals, or that West Brom scored some good ones. Tottenham made their situation very difficult last Monday when it was reported that Tim Sherwood wasn't going to be their manager next season. It must be a strange situation for him to be in that dressing room and it must be difficult for the players. There will be ones that quite like him and want him to stay on but who will think they haven't done him justice. Then they'll be the ones that are already thinking about the new manager and feeling quite happy. Timing at football clubs is important. What they should have been saying is, 'don't worry about Tim Sherwood, he's our manager for the foreseeable future' and just carry on. I admired him for the way he conducted himself at that Sunderland game last week and his team went out and got the result. You know that he's already on his way and whatever the fans feel about him doesn't make any difference now.
Hull and Arsenal reach Wembley
Steve Bruce has got to be in the mix for manager of season that's for sure. But for the first time ever there are so many candidates; there's Tony Pulis at Palace, then you've got Brendan Rodgers, Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini as well - there are so many contenders. Let's not forget Mauricio Pochettino, who's had a great season with Southampton. It's an amazing set of circumstances for this year's award. Well done to Hull for reaching the FA Cup final. The same goes for Arsenal, who showed a different side to them with their semi-final win over Wigan. They dug in to get themselves back in the game even though weren't playing that Arsenal-way in the first 45 minutes. I can understand why the Gunners celebrated the way they did at the end of the game. It was relief more than anything else. People criticising them need to understand that Arsenal haven't won anything for nine years, they've come under intense criticism for it, the manager might have had to consider his future if he didn't win that game - that's a lot of relief. That's not to say it's the be-all-and-end-all because they'll want to go on and win it now.

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