Robson 'hurt' by boo-boys

SIR BOBBY ROBSON has hit back at the Newcastle United boo-boys, claiming the club's supporters have short memories in calling for him to be axed.

The Magpies have endured a torrid start to the new season after crashing out of the Champions League and are still awaiting their first Premiership win of the campaign.

The lacklustre advent to the term has seen Robson come in for heavy criticism from a section of fans, who want the veteran boss to be relieved of his duties after four years at the helm.

But Robson has slammed the supporters calling for his head by insisting they have forgotten how much work and energy he has put in to rebuilding the club.

Robson wants the fans to remember his role as the club's saviour and is confident he can kick-start this season, if he is handed that precious commodity in football - time.

"This club was shipwrecked when I arrived," Robson told The SP. "Staff here weren't worried about going into the First Division, they were worried about going into the second.

"They could see this club getting relegated twice. The criticism isn't nice and it isn't right.

"It hurts, it's not pleasant but it's the way things are these days. The game lives on this sort of thing. I know it comes with the territory but I did not expect it at Newcastle.

"We need more time, like everybody does, and the management and the players believe if we are given that time then we will turn it around.

"I am not bitching or complaining about it and I don't look worried and I don't sound worried because I don't think there is much here to worry about."

Robson believes summer signing Lee Bowyer could help to ignite the club's season, after urging the combative midfielder to stop tip-toeing around.

He continued: "The fans here have not seen the best of Lee Bowyer. He is not getting involved and he's not putting his foot in.

"I've said to him, 'Hey! You need to go back to the old Lee Bowyer. Never mind the new Lee Bowyer. We signed the old Lee Bowyer'.

"I don't want him to go out and kick people but he has to bring a bit more aggression instead of always trying to keep out of trouble."

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