Gary Neville answers questions on Valencia and England on MNF return

Gary Neville answers viewers questions, including what he thinks the future holds for England and what he learnt from his time in charge of Valencia

"How does it feel to lose 7-0?"

That was among the questions that Gary Neville faced on his return to Monday Night Football for Chelsea's 2-1 win over West Ham.

Neville left MNF midway through last season to take charge of Valencia, where he suffered a 7-0 defeat to Barcelona in the Copa del Rey.

While Jamie Carragher put his feet up, the former Manchester United defender also fielded a question on England's disappointing campaign at Euro 2016, when he was the assistant manager.

Here are the questions Neville answered: 

- What did you learn from your time managing Valencia?

- How does it feel to lose 7-0?

Also See:

- What are the reasons behind England's failings, how can they be successful again?

- Do you think the new discipline rules imposed by the Premier League are good for the game?

- How do you think Jamie would fair in management?

Watch the video at the top of the page to see the Q&A session in full.

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