Jamie Carragher's latest #CarraChallenge - One Premier League club, one nationality

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The Football Show - Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher has set the public his latest #CarraChallenge - pick an XI, but with two crucial rules...

Carragher wants you to pick 11 players, but no two players could have played for the same Premier League team, or be of the same nationality.

Those players can come from any team in Premier League history, from Charlton to Chelsea and Middlesbrough to Manchester United.

Last week, Carragher asked the public to pick their world XIs, but none of the XI can have played together for club or country.

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Here's who he, Graeme Souness and David Jones went with on Tuesday's The Football Show...

Jamie Carragher

Carra Challenge Jamie Carragher XI
Image: Carragher's' latest #CarraChallenge team

"Southall goes in with Wales, meaning I couldn't have Gareth Bale, which is something I thought a lot about, but that allowed me to get Luka Modric in midfield.

"Roland Nilsson is maybe someone the younger generation don't remember, but a top player. Paul McGrath was like the Vincent Kompany of the early Premier League years. Christian Fuchs is a Premier League winner.

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"Michael Essien is in because Didier Drogba was in originally, but I needed a top holding midfield player in.

"Juninho is a good one to get in as he didn't play for a top, top club. And Cristiano Ronaldo and Thierry Henry have to be in, for me, alongside Steven Gerrard

"I picked three or four players who had to go in, and then worked around them. It took me a couple of days!"

Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness Jamie Carragher
Image: Graeme Souness' latest #CarraChallenge team

"My team would beat Carra's team up properly! What about my front three?! Fernandinho has a job to do, and he can't pass the halfway line for me. But it's just pure goals up front."

David Jones

David Jones' Carra challenge
Image: David Jones' latest #CarraChallenge team

"I think my team trumps that as well… with a 3-4-3 formation.

"Colin Hendry was one of the best Scots to play in the Premier League, Gareth Bale one of the best Welshman to play in the Premier League, solid full-backs.

"A brilliant front three, and a solid midfield with incredible wing-backs!"

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