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Everton need clarity as 777 Partners takeover saga rumbles on

The uncertainty surrounding 777 Partners has now reached the point where, understandably, many Everton fans are demanding clarity, writes Sky Sports News reporter Alan Myers

As the Everton takeover saga approaches its eighth month there is a sense of frustration among the club's fans and beyond which is increasingly palpable and is so close to the end of its tether, it's in danger of snapping altogether.

Now the worry and distraction of another late relegation battle has been extinguished, it was inevitable the fans and many other interested parties would turn their attentions to who will take the club into its new stadium and beyond.

777 Partners, which has an agreement with majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, has pumped in £200m in 'working capital' over the last eight months and received conditional Premier League approval to complete the deal - but it is yet to meet those conditions.

There has been a lot of negative publicity surrounding its business dealings and trying to decipher it has been a mind boggler for many.

Reports of a lawsuit filed in New York by one of its lenders accusing 777 Partners of fraud has raised alarm bells and doubt once again among Everton fans. It's the latest of several unfavourable reports regarding the group. The Miami-based company has not commented on the allegations.

The uncertainty surrounding the group has now reached the point where, understandably, many Everton fans are demanding clarity. Up until now 777 have not commented publicly on the takeover, insisting it is "respecting the process" of the league's owners and directors test.

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That wasn't an unreasonable position initially and also a stipulation of the Premier League. However, with the process extending much further than expected it has become imperative that communication of some sort is required. The process has not been helped by two PSR investigations and sanctions in the same season for the club with the uncertainty making the search for further investment more problematic.

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Whether communication is from 777 Partners, Moshiri or the Premier League, the fans won't really care. Everton fans have made clear they just want to know where the club's future lies, why this process has taken so long, and what happens if or when 777 meet the Premier League's conditions to complete the takeover - and possibly more intriguingly what happens if they don't.

The feeling among most observers is that enough is enough, and the time has come for clarity from 777 Partners and its ability to satisfy what seems to be an increasingly inconsistent and complex Premier League process.

The lack of any meaningful communication on the matter is damaging the club, dismantling the upturn of positivity resulting from a run of form which has ended all fears of relegation, and more importantly feeding rumour and speculation as to the financial stability of the club.

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