Top six Premier League clubs record all-time dominance

Liverpool's tally of 73 points after 30 games is more than any other second-placed side during a 20-team Premier League season


The 'big six' Premier League clubs are more dominant than ever before, according to a new Sky Sports study.

Manchester City and Liverpool are in a race to secure the title, while Spurs have dropped into the battle for a top-four finish with rivals Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Collectively, the six clubs have accumulated 383 points - which is 12 more than at the same stage last season, the previous high. And that's despite Chelsea still having a game to play.


The graphic below shows the average number of points for each league position after 30 games in red, compared with the current totals in green - revealing how the top six clubs have broken away from the rest of the pack.

Liverpool's current tally of 73 points is more than any other second-place side at this stage, while United and Chelsea have also set new records with their current hauls in fifth and sixth, respectively.

But it is bad news for Huddersfield and Fulham at the other end of the table, both collecting far fewer points than the historic average - with the Cottagers recording a record low for a team in 19th spot after 30 games.


*Historic Premier League tables were adjusted so that every team had played 30 games

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