European Super League executives should lose their jobs, say the 14 other Premier League clubs

A number of Premier League club chief executives have told Sky Sports News they can no longer trust or deal with their counterparts at Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham after they tried to form a European Super League

All six English clubs have pulled out of the European Super League

The officials at the six clubs who plotted the European Super League breakaway should be removed from their jobs, according to the other Premier League clubs.

The 14 teams not involved are calling on the owners of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham to "do the right thing" because they will never be able to trust or deal with their executives again.

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has already resigned and the other clubs want more heads to roll because lines have not just been crossed, "but trampled all over".

"We had been told repeatedly that they weren't setting up a Super League so after what's happened this week, we simply can't deal with these people again," one chief executive told Sky Sports News.

"The owners of these six clubs need to find new people to represent them at Premier League meetings. They have to be replaced. Some of these people have more faces than the town clock.

The proposed breakaway European Super League has collapsed 2:50
Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett explains the potential sanctions the 'Big Six' clubs could face from the Premier League following their attempts to join the breakaway European Super League

"We all disagree (on things) and we all look after our own interests but there are certain lines which can't be crossed and so many lines have been trampled all over this week."

The executives responsible from the six clubs have spent this week calling their counterparts at the other 14 to apologise for their actions - but that has done little to help so far.

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The Premier League are expected to take action against them after they have finished investigating the events that led to the aborted plans, which have shaken the football world to its core.

"It would have ruined the other 14 clubs if this had gone ahead, we would have been destroyed," another chief executive told Sky Sports News.

"We have absolutely no problem with their fans, players, managers and staff, but we have a big, big problem with their owners and CEOs.

AP - 'Supergreed' banner outside Stamford Bridge
Image: Chelsea fans staged a protest outside Stamford Bridge on Tuesday as their club announced their exit from the Super League plans

"We thought they would have learned their lesson after 'Project Big Picture' but they're clearly so arrogant that they've continued to say one thing and do another."

A third chief executive said: "Ideally we want the owners to sell up but we know that's not going to happen. What they can do though is replace these people and bring in some fresh faces.

"We feel like we've been deceived and what they've done goes against everything we stand for. If they ever come to one of our meetings again, we will stonewall them. We will blank them."

Details of how the proposed Super League collapsed, from Kaveh Solhekol and Bryan Swanson

Meanwhile, the owners of the majority of the 12 Super League clubs reportedly still think the European Super League is a good idea and are blaming each other and a poor communications strategy for why the breakaway failed.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are said to believe Manchester City had doubts about joining from day one, and that their unease and reservations quickly spread to the other English clubs.

"Lots of them still think it's a great idea," one Premier League chief executive said. "The only thing they're sorry about is that it's turned out to be such a disaster.

"They are blaming each other and blaming their PR people for failing to get their message across. If we're not careful they'll do it more professionally next time."

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