Scottish players back SPFL's plans to restructure league in 2020-21 season

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Image: Scottish players are in favour of restructuring the league for next season

Scottish footballers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the SPFL's plans for restructuring the league.

A 14-club SPFL task force has been meeting to discuss the plans, and Sky Sports News has learned the 10 clubs in Scottish League Two have agreed between themselves to support a 14-14-14 league reconstruction proposal.

The plans also have the backing of the players after PFA Scotland's Management Committee, made up of players from across the SPFL, asked the union to put the survey out to members to capture their thoughts and opinions.

Just short of 700 players completed the survey and the results, which will be presented to the SPFL's Working Group on League Reconstruction, stated that almost 80 per cent are in favour of the plans for the 2020-21 season.

Sixty per cent favour a 14-14-14 set up with a two-up/two down plus play-offs format and 40 per cent prefer a 14-10-10-10 set up with a one-up/one down plus play-offs format.

The Scottish Professional Football League has written to all clubs advising them to examine their insurance arrangements 1:01
Sky Sports News' Charles Paterson explains how the row over the ending of the SPFL season could be able to escalate further

PFA Scotland Chairman Liam Craig said: "Everyone seems to have a view on league reconstruction, from our own clubs to supporters and the media. However, it is vitally important that the players voice is heard. That is why we asked PFA Scotland to put this survey out to our members so we can get their opinion on the possible restructuring of the leagues we play in.

"It is the future of the game we play that is being debated, and we feel strongly that our opinion should be taken into consideration."

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Less keen on the proposals are Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts, recently confirmed as champions of the Highland and Lowland Leagues, respectively.

Under existing arrangements, the two sides would face each other in a two-legged play-off before playing the bottom side in Scottish Division Two - currently Brechin City - via the same format to decide if they would be promoted or remain in their current division.

Both clubs are unhappy with the possibility that restructuring the Scottish leagues would deny them this opportunity, however, with Kelty Hearts even prepared to forfeit any prize money they would receive in the first year if promoted to become an SPFL side.

"Brora Rangers Football Club, are concerned by the proposals being put forward by a group of League 2 clubs which would see a reconstruction model of 14-14-14, which through implementation would see both Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts locked out of progression into the SPFL," read part of a statement on Brora's club website.

"We absolutely understand the concerns of the League 2 block, that they would not wish to see their share of the future financial cake be diminished, but again we take great comfort from reconstruction group Co-Chairperson [Hearts owner] Ann Budge that she feels these concerns can be allayed.

"The new Sky TV [deal] will no doubt be of great help in assisting the financial modelling."

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