England fans criticised as Marseille cleans up after second night of violence with locals and police

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Some England fans have been criticised after a second night of violence in Marseille

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham has criticised the behaviour of some England fans in Marseille as the city cleans up after a second night of violence.

Trouble continues in Marseille

Trouble continues in Marseille

England fans clashed with riot police in Marseille as trouble continued

Footage emerged on Friday night of some England fans brawling with French locals and Russian-speakers, throwing missiles and flares at police and throwing chairs out of cafes. One cafe was set on fire.

But other footage on social media has shown a group identified by two England fans as "Marseille Ultras" launching an unprovoked attack on fans sitting and drinking in bars in the city.

English men were later heard singing songs about the IRA and German bombers being shot down as events descended into clashes with police outside the Queen Victoria pub in the Old Port district of the city.

Disorder in Marseille
Image: Chairs and bottles were thrown at locals and police by England fans

Labour MP Burnham said on Twitter: "As ever, the vast majority are let down by a minority.

"When you think of the terror threat and everything the French are dealing with, it makes behaviour of these England 'fans' even more embarrassing."

An England fan is surrounded by tear gas during a clash in Marseille
Image: Police used tear gas for a second night

The disorder comes after one England fan and another local were arrested on Thursday night following clashes between English men and locals outside a McDonald's.

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A man is arrested by riot police in Marseille, southern France, on June 10, 2016, ahead of England's Euro 2016 football match against Russia on June 11, 20
Image: Further arrests were made after an England fan was arrested on Thursday

Mark Roberts, head of soccer policing in Britain, said England fans had been in the city "without issue" on Thursday until a group of locals approached a bar of England fans.

"At around midnight, there was a short confrontation where a group of approximately 70 local youths approached a pub where England fans had congregated," he said.

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A long stand-off took place between riot police and England fans

"This was quickly dealt with by French police and one English supporter was arrested. We are aware of no further incidents overnight."

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