Sean Dyche on the Super 6 Podcast: I'd go for a pint with Jurgen Klopp!

Dyche: "I just imagine Klopp looks like he likes a pint or a version of it. I am quite partial to half a lager-shandy myself let's say, on the right occasion."

Sean Dyche is the latest guest on the Super 6 Podcast.
Image: Sean Dyche is the latest guest on the Super 6 Podcast.

Sean Dyche is the latest Premier League guest to join Laura Woods and Bayo Akinfenwa on the Super 6 Podcast.

Burnley recorded a 2-0 win at Fulham on Monday to compound their relegation but more impressively ensure Burnley's Premier League status for the fifth successive season.

The man behind a large part of that success is Sean Dyche, and he sat down with Laura Woods to discuss Brian Clough, Aymeric Laporte and which manager he would like to go for a pint with.

Which manager would you like to go for a pint with?

Which manager would Sean Dyche like to go for a pint with?

There are many differing Premier League managers, which can be interpreted in varying ways, especially when relating to alcoholic beverages. Dyche reveals the manager who would be best to have a drink with:

"I'll take out the ones I know, because I know some personally. I think Klopp might be quite interesting. I don't know why, I just imagine he looks like he likes a pint or a version of it. I am quite partial to half a lager-shandy myself let's say, on the right occasion. I think a lot of the European managers may just have a couple of glasses of wine and a chat - I think Klopp, we could probably lock horns and have a bit of a go."

The tales of Brian Clough

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Sean Dyche tells of one of his favourite Brian Clough stories

The Burnley gaffer spent his youth career at Nottingham Forest during the late 1980s, while a certain Brian Clough was in charge. He remarks on some tales he experienced during his time with the club and under the guidance of one of the greatest managers of all time.

"Every player, no matter how long you were at Nottingham Forest, has got 100 stories of Brian Clough. I'll tell you a couple of ones from my time, little funny things.

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"He used to have this thing where he used to say to the younger players. I won't use the word he said, he used a derogatory name, but he would say 'Hey, young man. Come into the dressing room and sit next to someone who plays in your position'. At the time I was a little midfielder, he wouldn't know that obviously, so I used to sit next to Neil Webb.

"You are waiting for the magic, you think, this is Brian Clough he is a legend. There was a game where I'm sitting there next to Neil and I'm thinking this is going to happen, he is going to say something legendary.

"He literally went on his hands and knees, got a towel, put it on the middle of the floor, and put a ball on it. Then he just sat there rubbing his face. He used to have this thing where he would rub his face and rub his knees all the time. He was just pointing at the ball and shaking his hand. I am sitting thinking what is going to happen here? It is dead silent by the way.

"A bell goes, and he says, 'She is like your girlfriend or your missus, look after her, all the best'!

"That was it, he sent the team out, they won 3-0 and I thought, 'Where's all the genius?'"

Ey Ginger, take Desmond's boots off!

Sean Dyche explains why he was ordered to take Des Walker’s boots off him

Dyche also recounts an incident under Clough involving the legendary Des Walker.

He said: "He used to go, 'Ey, young ginger, take Desmond's (Walker) boots off'. I used to walk over to Des and he would look at you and go 'No, don't do that'. He said 'Hey ginger, take his boots off. He has been carrying us all season Desmond has, well done Desmond!'" they laughed.

Sean Dyche and Aymeric Laporte centre-half partnership

How would this centre-half partnership get on in today’s game?

Sean Dyche played at centre-back during his career, spanning over 450 matches, but how would he fit into this current Manchester City team, who were crowned Premier League champions on Tuesday?

"I would have just slot in there, me and (Aymeric) Laporte would have had it right off, don't worry about that. I would have been blending that team for fun. I would have been finding passes everywhere, Pep (Guardiola) would have been waxing lyrical, they don't know about me!"

Manchester City's Aymeric Laporte celebrates scoring the winner in the Carabao Cup final
Image: Manchester City's Aymeric Laporte celebrates scoring the winner in the Carabao Cup final

Strongest handshake

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Who has the strongest handshake from Sean Dyche’s opponents?

Not so much handshakes, more like fist bumps in the current climate. Can Dyche reveal which manager has the strongest handshake though?

"People comment on mine. My dad always told me when I was a kid, if you are going to shake hands, shake hands properly. Nobody likes a wet fish handshake, but I cannot tell you off the top of my head. There was not one where you properly just went, 'Wow'".

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