FA: Chairman Greg Dyke explains plan to cut non-EU players by half

Image: Greg Dyke: Proposing changes

FA chairman Greg Dyke wants to boost the chances of young English players developing by halving the number of non-EU imports.

So far this season 90 non-EU players have been used in the Premier League compared to 297 Europeans.

The Football Association has announced a string of proposals to heavily restrict the numbers of players coming to England from outside the EU from next season.

The restrictions include visas only being given to Premier League club imports and a ban on these players being loaned to other clubs. 

"We want to change the system," Dyke told Sky Sports News HQ. "We think the current system is a bit of a farce - 80 per cent get in on appeal because the manager turns up with a video showing he looks a good player!

We want to change the system. We think the current system is a bit of a farce - 80 per cent get in on appeal because the manager turns up with a video showing he looks a good player!
Greg Dyke

"We think it should stop being that - it should be that there are a set of criteria - those criteria decide whether a player should come in.

"We've come up with a different set of criteria which we're now asking the Football League and the Premier League - and others - for their views on.

"We hope the result is something like 50 per cent less players from outside the EU will come and play here and the aim, of course, is that we hope that some of those slots in the squads will go to younger English players."

Dyke added: "We don't mind players being loaned out. What we're saying is if you're going to bring this player in, then why do you then want to loan him out if he's an elite player, which is what the law says?

"We want managers to think before they sign this player, they've got to be pretty sure they'll want him in the squad and they will want to play him.

"The rules say elite non-European players, the very best, should be allowed to come in - we agree with that. What we're saying is a lot aren't and then don't play that much and they do take squad places. 

"A lot, particularly in the Football League, disappear after a year or so. The system doesn't work at the moment.

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FA chairman Greg Dyke wants to reduce the number of non-EU players in England by 50% and believes Sepp Blatter is making a mistake by running for re-electi

"Let's do what the law said was intended to do - let the best players come in but let's give those squad places, the rest of them, to young English kids."

Dyke admitted the proposals would prevent clubs bringing in young, undeveloped, talent from outside FIFA's top 50 football nations but said the FA's plan is now out to consultation and he expects other parties to come up with other ideas.

Further FA proposals to improve grassroots facilities and coaching are likely in October.

Meanwhile Dyke also repeated the FA's opposition to Sepp Blatter seeking re-appointment as president of FIFA but admitted he will probably win.

"I think it's a mistake, I don't think he should be standing," said Dyke. "He stood last time on the basis he would not stand again. He's 78 years old, he'll be 82 when the term finishes, possibly 83."

Nor was he keen on Blatter's suggestion to give managers a monitor to enable them to challenge referees' decisions. Dyke favours introducing technology slowly but to help referees.

He said: "I would allow a referee to go straight to a camera for a penalty - he can choose, if he's not sure, let's have a look - but you can't do that for every decision. I'm not sure about the idea that managers on the touchline throw in the towel and say they want to challenge that decision."

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