World Cup 2018: Russia deny any wrongdoing in their successful bid

Alexy Sorokin
Image: Alexy Sorokin

One of Russia’s top officials has denied that his country committed any wrongdoing when successfully bidding to host the World Cup Finals in 2018.

FIFA’s 42-page report into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments, which was published on Thursday, has supported Russia’s claim that its bid was transparent and fair.

Russia were awarded the finals following the vote four years ago, although the investigation led by American Michael Garcia reported that one of the bid teams was particularly un-cooperative – although it failed to name the country concerned.

It has been alleged that the country in question was Russia who are understood to have failed to provide copies of all their emails from the bid organisation on the basis that their computer equipment has since been scrapped.

And when asked by Sky Sports News reporter Bryan Swanson whether Russia could have cooperated better with the FIFA investigation, chief executive of the bid Alexy Sorokin said: “It’s a very strange question.

“There were questions to us and we responded to them. I don’t know what more we could do.”

Regarding alleged deleted emails, Sorokin added: “There were no deleted emails. Like I said to your colleagues we rented the equipment and had to give it back.

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We are confident our bid was very transparent
Russian World Cup official

“We don’t even know where it went. It went to some sports schools, so quite naturally other people used it.

“Everything we could supply to the investigation we did. But we have to bear in mind that four years have passed since then.

“So some of the investigation we can just forget. We are confident our bid was very transparent.

“We don’t have any particular emotions because we were always confident there could be nothing that could come out from this investigation.

“FIFA deemed it important to do and it was done. We participated, complied and what more can we do.”

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