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Gary Neville: Manchester United need new players but no-one will sell them

Image: Manchester United went down 3-1 at Chelsea

Manchester United need help in the form of up to four new players but are going to struggle to sign them, says Gary Neville.

Missed targets United's only signing of note of the 2013 summer transfer window was Marouane Fellaini, while their efforts to get Everton's Leighton Baines, Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona and big money rumours of bids for Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale all fell by the wayside. Neville believes those failed transfer attempts are what had caused havoc on United's season and now Moyes needs to start making decisions about the players he's already got. Neville said: "They tried to sign Fabregas and Baines in the summer we all know that. We know that there were bids potentially for Ronaldo and Bale. "So if they'd have signed Fabregas, Bale or Ronaldo and had Baines - which we know they tried to do - I think you'd be looking at a completely different Manchester United side. "They didn't get the targets they wanted and that is going to be a problem going forward for them because they want the same players. "They will remain calm, Manchester United don't panic. The manager will get time to build his team, he'll get time to develop his squad. At the moment the players are playing for their future at Manchester United because they've got to impress that manager and the more games they lose the more he'll be thinking are you the right person for me to take forward. "There are a lot of good players in that squad but he's got decisions to make in the next six months. There's no doubt he (Moyes) needs players, the players need players, they need help and support. "They signed Fellaini in summer, who is injured at the moment, but they need three or four players, but they knew that in the summer because they bid for three or four players." What do you make of United's recent transfer policy? Why not let us know by commenting below.

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