Heart op fears for Givet

Image: Gael Givet: May have to have an operation after experiencing heart palpitations during football

Blackburn Rovers have revealed that defender Gael Givet may have to undergo heart surgery.

Frenchman eager to get back on to playing field for Rovers

Blackburn Rovers have revealed that defender Gael Givet may have to undergo heart surgery. The 30-year-old underwent a second day of extensive medical tests to get to the bottom of his health issues. He had to be substituted in the 2-1 defeat to Sunderland after taking a blow to the chest and suffering heart palpitations last weekend and Rovers chief Steve Kean revealed the Frenchman may need an operation. "Obviously we're hoping Gael gets the all-clear," Kean told the Daily Star. "If not, I think it's a small procedure that will put it right. "It goes way beyond an injury. You've got plenty of tendons in your body but you've only got one heart. "You don't hear of these very often. It's new to me."


It is not the first time Givet has suffered from heart palpitations after experiencing a scare for Marseille and another in a training session shortly after joining Rovers two years ago. Despite concerns over his health, Kean said Givet was desperate to return to action at home to West Brom today. However, he has been advised to stay at home on medical grounds. "Gael is very comfortable in himself. A lot of the time you pick up vibes from players, whether they're anxious, seem distracted or not keen to get back on the training ground," said Kean. "Gael's the opposite. He's been asking, 'Do I have to go for these second tests? Can I not just come to training because I'm fine and know what it is?' "We have got to make sure he is 100 per cent for himself and his family. "He's a warrior and sums up the way we like to go about our business. He's carried on with bumps, bruises and sprains. "But when it gets to the stage when his heart rate is pumping out of his neck, you've got to protect him from himself."

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