Steven Gerrard makes dig at Chelsea fans after Liverpool draw

Liverpool skipper also says guard of honour for champions Chelsea "was not nice"

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Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was quick to fire back at Chelsea fans after the 1-1 draw

Steven Gerrard took a parting shot at Chelsea fans after the Stamford Bridge crowd goaded the Liverpool captain during Sunday's 1-1 draw.

Gerrard, playing what was his last game at Stamford Bridge before leaving Liverpool for the LA Galaxy in the summer, was given a standing ovation by the majority of the home support when substituted in the 79th minute.

But some fans also held up "caution, slip hazard" posters during the game - referencing Gerrard's slip in the vital 2-0 defeat against Chelsea at Anfield last year as Liverpool chased the Premier League title - and the Reds man replied with a stinging riposte.

"I'm not going to get drawn into wishing the Chelsea fans well, it was nice of them to turn up for once today," Gerrard told Sky Sports.

"I was more happy with the ovation from the Liverpool fans. I think the Chelsea fans have shown respect for a couple of seconds, but they've slaughtered me all game.

"If you get a standing ovation at a stadium it is always nice, but what is always important is the support from the Liverpool fans, and they've been with me since day one."

Steven Gerrard receives a standing ovation from Chelsea fans as he was substituted
Image: Steven Gerrard: Received a standing ovation from Chelsea fans as he was substituted

Gerrard, who will play his last competitive game at Anfield for Liverpool against Crystal Palace next Saturday, insists the club need investment in the summer to improve.

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Having finished second last season, the club are now all-but out of the race for the top four.

"I think now this team has got to build for next year. We didn't win the game, but we've certainly showed with additions and a bit of improvement that we can compete next year," Gerrard added.

"I think it's important the lads get some rest after the last couple games, and that the owners dig deep and try to help Brendan and the lads out, try and make some additions and try to improve.

Chelsea fans goaded Gerrard, recalling his slip in the Blues' 2-0 win at Anfield last season
Image: Chelsea fans goaded Gerrard, recalling his slip in the Blues' 2-0 win at Anfield last season

"There's a great core of players here, they have terrific potential and the future looks alright, but it is important we try to compete with the giants in the league, they're all going to spend big and this league is getting more and more difficult every year."

Chelsea came onto the pitch to a traditional guard of honour from Liverpool, something Gerrard admitted "was not nice".

"It's not nice when you're doing it for other people," Gerrard added. "But this football club has always shown respect and the guard of honour comes with tradition. 

"Chelsea have won the league, they are champions, have a terrific manager, and deserve the guard of honour today, but it certainly wasn't nice doing it."

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho admitted in the week that Gerrard was his "best enemy" and that he had attempted to sign the midfielder during his first spell at Chelsea, as well as his time at Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

Gerrard, who insists Mourinho is the best manager in the world, admitted his head was turned purely because of the Portuguese boss.

"I've got huge respect for him, he's the best manager in the world for me. I'd have signed for him three times if I wasn't a Liverpool fan. 

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"He's the reason why my head was turned on a couple of occasions, but he understood why I couldn’t do it, and that's because I love Liverpool football club.

"I did [wonder] at the time, but for me I always said to myself if I win a couple of trophies at Liverpool it would an awful lot mean more to me than to win 10 at Chelsea, Real Madrid or Inter Milan. 

"It always means more to win it for your people."

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