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Manchester United legend Bryan Robson criticises Roy Keane over book

Bryan Robson, Mike Phelan and Roy Keane of Manchester United celebrate with the Premiership Trophy 1993-94
Image: Bryan Robson (left): The former Manchester United captain has questioned Roy Keane's (right) motive for writing his latest autobiograpy

Bryan Robson has criticised Roy Keane over his recently published second autobiography.

In the book 'The Second Half', Keane criticised his former boss at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, as well as a number of his Old Trafford teammates.

But ex-Reds skipper Robson has blasted the 44-year-old by saying 'he is only doing it for the money.'

The 57-year-old, who is attending the Soccerex Americas Forum in Barbados, said: "Roy is just an example. There are a lot of people doing that, they come out and criticise people in their books.

These people who just criticise people to be controversial, to sell more books and make more money, no I'm not for that
Bryan Robson

“Is there any need especially when you are making a great living out of the sport anyway.

"I think with the players of today and the standard and the money they receive, I don't see why you write a controversial book and criticise people when you are only maybe doing it for the money.             

"If you are doing a constructive book for the good of the game, which has given you a great career, then go and write a book, talk about your memories, your great times but these people who go and write just criticising people to be controversial, to sell more books and make more money, no I'm not for that."

And another former England international, John Barnes, agrees that the book serves little purpose.

The ex-Liverpool winger said: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So in terms of writing a book just from a sensationalist point of view, I wouldn't do that. Everyone is different though.       

"Sir Alex Ferguson's book and Roy Keane's book, after everything that they have achieved and the people that have helped them to achieve that, to be criticising a lot of people now is not good."

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