Fergie - Torres had to start

Fernando Torres looks on glumly during a disappointing display
Image: Torres: Endured a disappointing night at Old Trafford and was substituted at half-time

Sir Alex Ferguson believes Chelsea had to start Fernando Torres in the second leg against Man Utd.

United boss offers Ancelotti support over striker decision

Sir Alex Ferguson believes Chelsea had to start Fernando Torres in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Manchester United. Torres joined Chelsea from Liverpool for a British transfer record fee before the close of the January window, but has yet to live up to his £50million price tag. He has not scored since his move but was chosen ahead of Didier Drogba for Tuesday's crucial European encounter at Old Trafford. However, he was substituted at half-time after a largely lifeless display and his replacement Drogba delivered a powerful performance before scoring Chelsea's goal. Carlo Ancelotti conceded after the match that he may have made a mistake in starting Torres, however, Ferguson understands why the Chelsea manager had to select the Spaniard.

Good signing

Ferguson said: "A lot of people thought Drogba would play. I thought having signed Torres for the money they did they had to play him. "I wasn't 100 per cent sure but I couldn't see how they could leave Torres out." Ferguson, however, supported Chelsea's decision to sign the former Liverpool striker, adding: "They had the opportunity to sign Torres and I don't think anyone would have turned it down. "Everyone said at the time it was fantastic business. You can't criticise him (Ancelotti) for that, it was a good signing. "It isn't working at the moment but he is a young man and there are other seasons ahead. "Torres has played against us quite a few times and he had a little goal spell at Old Trafford and got a goal at Anfield but we've actually done all right against him."

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